Give more than a gift this season.

With the holiday season comes a time of reflection on the blessings the past year has given us. This reflection inspires us to give back some of the blessings we’ve been fortunate enough to receive. 

As a business owner, sharing your appreciation of your community, clients, and employees is important, but finding ways to go above and beyond a Christmas card can be difficult in one of the busiest seasons of the year. Jefferson City has always been strongly rooted in community, and this year our city came together in a way that we never have before. This year during the holidays, we challenge you to give back intentionally. City Magazine created a list of fun ways that your business can give a meaningful gift this holiday season. 

Illustration of a Santa Hat

Organize a Secret Santa at the office. 
For a creative twist on the traditional rules, partner with another company and co-host a celebration. Add a charitable element by adding a $5 buy-in to play and donating the proceeds to United Way.

illustration of four hands

Volunteer Day
Organize an office trip to a nonprofit that is meaningful to your company values. Not only does this allow you to provide relief to those in need in the community, but it also provides an opportunity for company team-building.

Office Holiday Party
The holidays are a time for celebration, and what better way to do so than hosting a holiday party? Your employees are the backbone of your business, so showing them a little extra love during the holidays will prove your appreciation and give your team some time to recharge before the new year.

More Ideas:
Surprise employees with a coffee/hot cocoa bar or ice cream sundaes
Make a contribution to your employees 401k
Host a hip hop dancing class at Studio 573
Host a movie night at Capitol City Cinema

illustration of book

Build & sponsor a Little Free Library near or at a school.
These public book dropboxes bring year-round cheer to both children and adults. Stock your library full of interesting and educational books. Take half a workday to do some team-building with your employees to build, paint, and drop off your library. (Oh, and there’s a “selfish” part — did we mention that anything spent after the $34.95 registration cost is tax deductible?)

illustration of christmas trees in a row

Sponsor a trip to a tree farm.
Nothing brings holiday cheer quite like a Christmas tree. Find an organization like a local church or Boys and Girls Club and sponsor a youth trip to pick out a tree and decorations.

Illustration of hanger

Organize a clothing drive for Dreams to Reality.
Encourage your employees to clean out their closets of unused or gently used items. Your employees will rid themselves of unnecessary pieces while giving back to those in need. Bring your clients into the mix! Use your social media platforms to organize the pick-up or drop-off of items.

More Ideas:
Organize a day to read to different classes at local elementary schools
Organize a caroling outing
Host a trivia lunch or dinner just for fun
Sponsor and coach a youth sports team

illustration of gift box

Send clients a thoughtful gift.
Let’s face it: Everyone loves to receive gifts. Let clients know that you appreciate their business by sending them a unique gift. This may take some advance planning; take the time to really dig in and find out what they enjoy. Finding a personalized gift for your clients can be much more meaningful — for them and for your business relationship — than sending a cookie-cutter gift. 

illustration of people under a roof

Host a holiday open house. 
Break out the holiday decor and hors d’oeuvres. Hosting a holiday open house will allow you to invite the community into your space and show them what your business is really about. Create an opportunity for the greater good by adding a silent auction to benefit your favorite foundation, or encourage guests to bring toys to donate to the Boys and Girls Club or animal supplies to donate to the Jefferson City Animal Shelter. 

Illustration of a heart

Pay it forward. 
Instead of sending clients a traditional gift, pay it forward with charitable efforts on your clients’ behalf: You and your team could spend a work day volunteering at their favorite charity, you could make a donation in their name, or even send them a check payable to their favorite nonprofit organization.

More Ideas:
Adopt a family
Host a pour your own candle party at Unique Creations Candle Bar
Rent a trolley and roll through the Festival of Lights
Sign up to provide breakfast at HALO or a senior center
Coordinate an escape room challenge

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