Indigo the Salon
The Faces of Hair Extensions

As artists, we are creative, and we understand that all scenarios don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. In 2018, when we officially opened Indigo the Salon, we knew we needed to set ourselves apart. We had an abundance of clients who could benefit from hair enhancement, but we also knew the simple clip-in or tape-in extension methods weren’t going to cut it. We began researching lines of hair and companies with the best education. After trying five different companies, we feel Bellami Hair is the best choice. The requirements for a Bellami extension certificate are rigorous. However, in almost six years, we have been able to certify six salon professionals. Each professional also holds more than eight years of experience in the industry.

When choosing the right hair enhancement, you want to make sure you can truly spend the time with the person who will be helping enhance your look. Our open concept studio is one of the many reasons people love spending time here because it makes them feel like family. We have the proper knowledge and are very intentional with your goals, budget, and maintenance plan; and we carefully analyze the integrity of your hair and its ability to wear enhancements. We also make sure to inform you about proper take-home care and even set you up with the proper brush and tools.

At Indigo, we believe everybody has the right to feel and look their best. When you feel good, you perform better; and when you perform better, in whatever facet you choose, you are at your best. Whether it’s genetic, health related, or simply just to get that quick gratification, having that confidence boost is a priceless feeling. We are the girls that will cry with you when you see yourself with the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Our vision is to make Indigo the Salon a safe space. Extensions are often a private matter for many people. We plan to continue finding the best methods, such as new mesh techniques, custom human hair wigs and other hair replacement forms, as well as men’s hair enhancements. As new situations emerge, we will rise to the occasion.

Rachel Guilford, Laura Jo Fretwell, Auslyn Andrews, Kelsey Lenox, Bailey James, and Codi Lauf

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