Celebrating five years of honoring Jefferson City’s most impactful people.

In his recent documentary, Arnold Schwarzenegger summed up his impact and motto for life in four simple words — “Stay busy, be useful.” Hardworking, humble people rarely give a litany of their accomplishments; instead, they point to the team and the community they serve. While their stories are as unique as the individuals honored, there is a common thread to each of their journeys. They’ve made huge impacts in Jefferson City by staying busy and being useful to the community, and they deserve to be honored and thanked for their service.

Samaritan Center Dinner and Auction
Most Impactful Fundraiser/Event

Stephanie Johnson, Special Learning Center
Most Impactful Executive Director

Madeline Matson, Missouri River Regional Library
Staff Member

Huber & Associates
Most Impactful Philanthropic Company

Mark Mueller, Jefferson Bank
Most Impactful Board Member

Stephanie Lehmen
Most Impactful Volunteer

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You were born to make an impact! We all have the opportunity to make a difference. Every day offers new people and places to leave our mark. Yes, you can talk about the changes needed, or even write about them, but it is when we step up and put some action behind the words that we truly can impact change. Thank you to the people and places that do this every day in our generous community of Jefferson City. Chandra and I are happy to be able to help shine a light on just a few of those. To those awarded, thank you so much for being an example of encouragement to us all.

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