In Jefferson City, we’re a community that has always supported one another. There are hundreds of people helping to improve our city — and it’s never an easy task — but there are those who go above and beyond. They not only dedicate their time, talents, and compassion, but their generosity and kindness will also have a lasting impact on those around them. Whether it’s through volunteering, educating, organizing, or building others up, these people allow us to broaden our future and encourage others to get involved and make Jefferson City a better place. Impact JCMO recognizes these individuals, as there is no kinder act than putting in the time to help others and no bravery like being there for those in need.

Chris Duren

Most Impactful
Staff Member

Vicki Myers

Most Impactful

Felicia Poettgen

Most Impactful
Executive Director

Jim Wisch

Most Impactful
Board Member

Jefferson Bank

Most Impactful
Philanthropic Co.

Red Slipper Warrior Project

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