Supplies Needed:
  • Container (any secondhand store is a great place to find unique bowls or containers for the plants)
  • Succulents (be sure to provide a variety of textures and colors)
  • Succulent potting soil
  • Small decorative garden rocks
  • Sand
  • Small garden ornaments
  • Reindeer moss
  1. Fill container with soil.
  2. Put succulents in the soil.
  3. Fill in with moss.
  4. Add decorative rocks, sand, and ornaments.
  5. Water every two to three weeks. Note: When it comes to watering, succulents like to be on the dryer side; they can survive a lot longer when you under-water than when you over-water. Wait until your soil is dry before taking any action since topsoil can be deceiving, you may have to stick your finger into the soil by the root about an inch down to see if it is still wet. If you feel moisture by the roots, wait to water. When you do water, do just enough to saturate the soil around your succulent. Do not water to the point where your water pools at the bottom of your pot.
  6. Keep succulent in bright, direct sunlight. Remember these are plants that grow naturally in very hot, dry climates without much rainfall.
Tips for a fun gathering:
  • Go shopping for containers together.
  • Serve a light lunch using plant-based foods.
  • Use the tops of the succulents as dessert toppers.
  • Cover tables in craft paper so cleaning up is easy.
Lost a leaf while planting?
One leaf of a succulent

Don’t fret — start a new plant! Most succulents can propagate a new plant from a dropped leaf. Just place the leaf on top of soil, mist occasionally, and watch for roots to start sprouting!

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