Local chefs reel us in with these masterful fish dishes. 

It may take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, fish can be the base of the most resourceful, delicious, and simple meals to put together. In addition to the numerous ways it can be prepared, fish also happens to be healthy. It’s high in protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are fats that our bodies don’t produce on their own. 

These four local chefs are here to share some of their favorite fish dishes that you can enjoy right here in Jefferson City. 

Smoked Catfish Spread Revel Catering & Events
There’s nothing like fresh catfish, and for this dish, the chef even catches it himself. To bring out the flavor, Chef Johnny Graham brines his catfish for four hours in garlic, black pepper, and green chile flakes, eliminating any of that muddy taste familiar to some catfish eaters. To make this a perfect summer dish, the catfish is then smoked for one hour before being mixed with sour cream, mayo, Old Bay seasoning, capers, lemon juice, more green chile flakes, and fresh parsley. But no parts were left untouched with this dish. A side of catfish rough (cured fish eggs, similar to caviar) is prepared, as well. Serve these spreads on your favorite cracker or try it with some grilled French bread.

Stuffed Salmon O’Donoghue’s Steaks & Seafood
This fish dish by Chef Sam O’Donoghue is a must-try, as it happens to be one of O’Donoghue’s most popular dishes on the menu. It’s a dish everyone can eat — even those who aren’t fans of fish in general. This salmon is filleted and stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts before being seared in a cast-iron skillet. Binding these flavors together is a honey jalapeno glaze. Similar to O’Donoghue’s famous honey jalapeno dressing, the glaze has sweetness from the honey and a spicy cream base. Combine this with the tanginess from the blue cheese and a bit of crunch from walnuts and you have a salmon dish like no other. Luckily, this dish is served year-round.

Ahi Tuna Hy-Vee Catering
If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying Hy-Vee’s fish market, it may be time to treat yourself to this ahi tuna dish by Chef Steve Whitener. This ahi tuna already has plenty of wonderful flavor, so only coarse sea salt, black pepper, and granulated garlic is used for seasoning. Then, the tuna is cooked for about a minute and a half on each side in a hot skillet. This not only allows for the tuna’s natural flavors to come through, but it also creates a slight crust with a meaty interior. To really liven things up, try this fish with Hy-Vee’s wasabi cream sauce and a side of rice noodles or sautéed julienned squash and zucchini.

Fish Two Ways Argyle Catering

Baked Cod: When crafting this meal, Chef Ryan Davis wanted to offer his customers a heart-healthy dish with plenty of flavor. In this dish, you don’t feel like it’s missing a thing. Before it’s cooked, this baked cod is seasoned with a 17-herb seasoning that includes a slight bit of Argyle’s famous barbecue rub. Top it off with Argyle’s cream sauce, made of rich chicken broth, onion, and garlic, and you’ve got some truly magical flavors.
For a lighter dish, you can also top the fish with grilled lemon and enjoy Argyle’s roasted veggies as a side. 

Fried Cod: For those who love their fish on the fried side, Argyle Catering uses a two-to-one combination of their famous seasoned chicken flour and cornmeal with just a hint of extra cayenne pepper and salt. Fried just long enough to keep the cod flaky and moist, this dish is served best with Argyle’s homemade tartar sauce as well as their southwestern corn and twice-baked potato.