Betty Berendzen
Position: R.N., clinical analyst/information technology
Employer: Capital Region, Jefferson City
Resides in Mary’s Home, Mo.

“Last week there was a car accident on Stadium, right down the street from the Monroe building. I heard the crash and looked out my window and saw a three-car pileup right about the time when the high school had let out. It was a head-on collision between a truck and a car with that car being rear-ended. As I was deciding whether to go out to the scene, I saw a person stop her car by the accident, get out and go over to the middle car. She talked with the obviously injured person while others stood nearby on their phones. It took a little while for the ambulance to get there, so she remained with the person until the Emergency Medical Services arrived. She then remained at the scene until the EMS was safely off. Her ability to approach the person and help keep them calm by staying at the car window until help arrived was both kind hearted and courageous. A big thank you to Betty for offering her generosity in a time of distress and exemplifying what it is to be a good Samaritan.”

Submitted by: Jennifer Atkins