Add value to your home with updated landscaping.

Our outdoor space is meant to be an area where we can unwind and have fun. As the weather heats up, this is the perfect time to make a few upgrades. During these longer days and early mornings, my team and I have been working hard to create beautiful transformations on our customers’ homes. With a few simple additions, you can give your yard that elegant curb appeal with the level of comfort you’d expect to find in your living room. Giving your yard a makeover can be achieved in several different ways. These are some of our favorites:

Bed Makeover:

A new flower bed can completely transform your yard. How do you know when it is time to transform your flower beds? Many homeowners work their beds seasonally.


When: While some plants should begin the seeding process indoors during spring, now is a good time to begin planting in the garden.

Where: Be sure there is adequate space for when plants reach mature height and width, so they aren’t spilling over onto  walkways or against your home.


Steel: Using steel is ideal for both lawn and garden edging because of its strength, durability, and flexibility.

Stone: Eye-catching stone borders will complement your  flower beds while reducing maintenance. Stone edging provides a functional solution for your landscaping and is a perfect partner for your flowers and plants.

Decorative Rock: 

While mulch is traditionally used in flower beds, decorative rock  is quickly becoming the go-to option.             

Drainage: Decorative rock provides healthy drainage for your plants and flowers. After periods of rain, moisture must percolate at a good speed to ensure your plants and flowers don’t become saturated or dry out. Decorative rock provides optimal growing conditions because it regulates drainage and moisture levels.

Color: Decorative rock comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, all of which contrast elegantly against the different textures and hues of flowers and plants.


You can add security and style to your home with outdoor lighting.


Outdoor spotlights are used for enhancement purposes such as nighttime aesthetics, safety, security, and accessibility.

Beds: Illuminate your landscape design all evening by adding outdoor spotlights.

House: House spotlights enhance not only your landscaping but architectural features as well.

Path lights: 

Path lights increase safety and curb appeal, and they highlight certain features of your yard.

Solar: Solar path lights will use the sun for energy and are an attractive way to light up a walkway. Solar lights are a great option if electricity is not readily available.

Low Voltage: Low voltage path lights provide more reliable and consistent lighting, as they do not depend on a battery charge supplied by a small solar panel.

Driveway Entrance:

Columns: Freestanding stone columns add architectural interest to your driveway entrance. Lighting adds an additional layer of ambiance while making your driveway easier to see.

Laying Sod
Yard Improvement:

Overseed: Rather than tearing out your existing lawn,       overseeding can be a way to salvage your lawn. This should be done just before your grass has its most growth. The best times to overseed are spring, late summer, or early fall.

Sod: Sod, or turf grass, is harvested grass with a layer of soil kept together by its roots or another piece of thin material. The best times to lay sod are in the late summer or early fall when grass is still able to grow, but temperatures are cooler.


Disease: Lawn disease appears in brown or yellow patches  and consists of rings that grow over time. Fungicides should be applied in late spring or early summer.

Insects/Pests: Brown spots, dead and dying grass patches, wilting blades, and insects in the grass are all common signs that pests have invaded your lawn. Preventative maintenance should be done in early spring or summer to protect against pests and insects.


Irrigation systems can be installed to ensure adequate water supply is being provided to your lawn, plants, and flower beds.

Patio Makeover:

Update: Give your patio furniture a fresh look by recovering your cushions and adding decorative pillows.

Paint: Adding a fresh coat of paint to your outdoor furniture  is a great way to bring your outdoor space back to life.

Fire Pit:

Gas: Gas fire pits eliminate the mess as well as the clean up that goes along with a bonfire while creating the same relaxing atmosphere as a wood-burning fire pit.

Wood: If you’re not a fan of gas, wood-burning fire pits are another great option. Wood burning fire pits are cheaper and faster to install while still boosting the aesthetic of your outdoor space.


Gas: No one likes missing out! Add a grill to your outdoor space so you can cook and entertain at the same time. Gas grills make a great cooking partner and provide easy cleanup.

Whether it’s revamping your garden or creating the perfect area to relax outside, these options are simple and affordable ways to spruce up your home before hosting your next barbecue. With the help of landscaping services, you can work side by side with a professional in creating the perfect landscape for you and your family. We are always here to answer any questions or offer advice.

Nick Haslag

Nick Haslag is the owner and operator of Haslag Landscape and Design LLC. He graduated from the commercial turf and grounds management program at State Technical College and has built his business into an industry-leading hardscape company focusing solely on custom design and construction with a specialty in outdoor living.