Adventure meets tranquility with a move to the country.

Rustic Appeal - Home TourCheryl and Tony Wright bought their 20-acre property in California, Missouri, on a bit of a whim, but it was a decision that has brought their family of six even closer.

“We looked at this house as a long-term retreat for our blended family of four children,” Cheryl says. “Jordan, our youngest, is the only one still at home, and she pulled us out here. She loves horses and the outdoors. She even lived with my sister for two years while we built so she could start school in the district. It is a relief to finally be under one roof together. It is familiar to me because I grew up in this community.”

Moving from Jefferson City to a more woodsy setting brought about certain adjustments. When issues arise, Tony reminds the family: “Welcome to the country.”

“Our first night I heard the coyotes and ran to make sure Max and Mattie [our two small dogs] were inside,” Cheryl says. “I’ve also learned to be extra alert while driving to work in the morning and home at night because there are so many deer.

“At times it feels like I am in a video game dodging deer,” she jokes.

Rustic Appeal - Bedroom“The well water was a challenge at first because it had a strong sulfur smell, like rotten eggs, and it overpowered us every time we took a shower or ran water,” Cheryl says. “At one point Jordan dared me to race her to the bedroom and announced, ‘The last one there is a rotten egg.’ I reminded her that we were all rotten eggs. Thankfully a filtration system took care it.”
Rustic Appeal - Bedroom

When it came to decorating and selecting colors, Cheryl enlisted the help of good friend and interior designer Casey Anderson-Marsch from Mid-City Lumber.

“Casey and I are great friends, and when we decided to build, I enlisted her help,” Cheryl says. “It was an easy process working together. I told her I wanted a rustic yet classic feel. I like things that will not go out of style. She also helped me decide what to keep from our former house and what to replace.”

Anderson-Marsch says Cheryl was one of the easiest clients ever. “She had a vision, and we pretty much agreed on most everything,” she says. “Cheryl wanted colors that would not show dirt throughout, and we put a high gloss on the hardwood floors for better wear. Her home is livable, warm and inviting, which is how Cheryl makes people feel.”

“Working with Cheryl was so much fun that I sometimes tell her I would like to tear down the house and start over,” Anderson-Marsch says with a laugh.


One of the most striking features of the 5,000-square-foot home are the arched windows, which allow ample views of the picturesque property from every room.

Rustic Appeal - Details“The windows are my favorite,” Cheryl says. “Tony drew how he wanted them on a napkin, found an example on the Internet, and we took our ideas to the design group at Mid-City Lumber. We could not be happier with the outcome. We love the openness that is roomy to the point we never feel cramped. All ages enjoy being here. Our children, nieces and nephews hang out, and they do enjoy four-wheeling on the trails. We love living closer to my sister and mom, who come over for coffee and bagels. It has been a great move.”



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