JCMG Laser & Vein Medspa is designed for relaxation.

Spa time is considered a luxury, and you want it to feel that way. Unfortunately, spending time on a luxury is easy to put off.

“So many of us save treating ourselves for times when we are away from it all in some out-of-town environment,” says Barb Prasad, practice manager of the esthetic division and marketing coordinator of the JCMG Laser & Vein Center. “I wanted our guests to feel that special pampering right here in Jefferson City. No need to be out of town.”

This past summer, Laser & Vein expanded to Edgewood Drive with a medical spa, or medspa. “My inspiration when starting the design process was to create a sense of relaxation and also to give a feeling of ‘getting away from it all,’” Barb says. “I wanted people to not only enjoy their treatments here, but also feel like effort was put into where they enjoyed the treatments.”

Chic and minimalistic, each room at in the building is large and open, avoiding anxiety-inducing clutter. The soft colors and clean lines create a serene environment, and the simple, modern aesthetic allows your mind to focus on symmetry. This focus, backed up by Gestalt psychology, creates contentment through recognition of patterns, and the simple color scheme adds to the effect.

“The color scheme was based on a white, gray, and teal theme and evolved somewhat over time,” Barb says. Light colors, such as the ones chosen here, have a calming effect on the brain; in design, these hues allow your mind to take in a room as a whole. Minimal, repeated color accents accomplish this same result.

The accents in the medspa were chosen as a visual separation between the spa side (black and gold) and the medical esthetics side (original color scheme). “After we got into the project, it just felt like they needed to have a bit of their own statement,” says Barb.

The layout of the building also achieves this effect. The main room contains a styling area and comfortable seating with a doorway leading to massage rooms. Manicure and pedicure stations are to the right, and to the left is a cozy waiting room with a soothing faux fireplace. That’s also where you’ll find the entrance to the medical esthetics area. This separation allows clients who are only visiting for non-medical spa needs to avoid clinical aesthetics entirely.

Each design concept was chosen to create calmness, serenity, contentment, and just about every other feeling that a spa environment should inspire. Every detail, from the colors to the light fixtures to the building layout, serve Barb and the Laser & Vein Center’s purpose of taking you out of your daily life and into your “happy place.”


Resource List

General Contractor – Dick Otke Construction Company

Architect – Simon & Associates, Jody Miller

Cleaning – Reodel Cleaning

Interior Finish Products, Floor Covering, and Tile – Scruggs Lumber

Concrete Sawing, Coring, and Cutting

Electrical – Brad Perry Electric

Excavation – George Schulte Excavating

Masonry – Chad Winge Masonry

Cabinets – Phil Thoenen Cabinets

Special Cabinet Tops – Mid Missouri Surfaces

Decorative Metal Railings – Builders Screen and Aluminum

Drywall – B&M Interiors

Roofing – Missouri Builders

Doors and Frames – Camarco

Aluminum Store Fronts – Marks Mobile Glass

Painting – Tillman Painting

Bathroom Specialties – T&G Specialties

Structural Steel – Doing Steel

Appliances – Coleman Appliance

Fire Sprinkler System – Summit Mechanical

Plumbing – Ken Sandbothe Plumbing

HVAC – Woodman Engineering

Paint – Sherwin Williams