Hannah Snitker discusses building a home, career, and family with a husband in the military.

Imagine planning and building a home, moving, and raising three children all while your spouse is active military. Sounds stressful, right?

That’s been the Snitker home for several years. Through it all, Hannah, Shawn, and their three children (Jillian, 6; Berkley, 4; and Preston, 2) have stayed organized and positive.

That positivity was strengthened by the completion of the Snitker’s new, custom-built home. From planning to building to moving in, Hannah, her family, and the team at Signature Homes worked together seamlessly for what Hannah and Shawn consider an incredible home-building experience.

“Signature Homes made the process so easy and effortless and enjoyable,” says Hannah. “Scott [Schaeperkoetter] and I are from the same hometown, so it was easy to pick a builder and support who we knew. Plus, we know how great his work and customer service are because my sister had a house built by him too. We started talking to them three years ago when we bought the land. They helped us from ground up. They just make your dreams come true.”

When planning, the Snitker kids were always kept in mind. “This house was designed around our family,” says Hannah. “This is where their memories are going to be made.” From the open floor plan with a large kitchen for entertaining to the Narnia-esque playroom hidden behind one of the girls’ bedroom closet, each detail in the home reflects not only the family now, but where they will be in the future. The playroom will become storage when the kids go off to college (something Hannah isn’t ready to think about yet). Even the drawers in the kids’ bathroom were designed with growth in mind. “We worked with Scott’s cabinet designer so the bottom drawer now pulls out into a step, but it can be flipped into more storage when the kids get a little taller,” says Hannah.

The Snitkers’ home is what you might call a modern farmhouse. With details ranging from a stainless-steel apron sink, wood taken from a family barn in Owensville and repurposed into a fireplace, and other décor paired with a grayscale color scheme, the home is both rustic and elegant. When the Snitkers moved out of their previous home, they sold everything. They wanted a fresh start in their new home. For years, Hannah bargain shopped and watched for sales to find the perfect pieces, including the kitchen and dining room tables, to suit the style she wanted to create.

One special detail is the tea-stained flag placed over the front door. The Signature Homes team knew Hannah was having trouble choosing a frame to hold the treasured possession, so they built her a frame out of the leftover barn wood used throughout the home.

“I wanted to have the farmhouse feel without falling into a trend that may be out in a few years,” says Hannah. “It was also very important to me to incorporate a lot of the family stuff, old into new basically. I also like a modern feel as far as clean and crisp. We went with white cabinets and not a lot of stuff on the walls. I wanted something I could easily transition with trends and styles.”

Part of that modern style comes with top-of-the-line tech. “I never have to touch the thermostat,” says Hannah. “We set it at a certain level for heating and cooling and humidity levels. It will kick back to air or heat based on the humidity and temperature. We haven’t had to touch it since we moved in.” They have also installed a security system that alerts them if an outer door or window is opened, serving the dual purpose of ensuring one of the kids doesn’t wander out or an unwanted visitor doesn’t wander in.

Along with building and creating a home for her family, Hannah has the added responsibility of supporting her husband while he serves our country. “We have always been a military family,” she says. “It’s our lifestyle. People always ask me how I do it, especially with kids, but they’re strong. We definitely live one day at a time, especially during deployment. You have to be positive. There are hard days, we’re a hot mess half the time, but you learn not to take time and things for granted.”

Keeping the family active is part of what gets Hannah, Jillian, Berkley, and Preston through the rougher times. With a full-time job, being active in church, and participating in other fun activities and sports, the Snitkers’ are definitely a busy bunch. Hannah also has a wonderful support system of family and friends to help her cope. “I have a group of fellow military wives that lean on each other for support and guidance,” says Hannah. “It is so nice to have them in my life because they know what we are going through, our emotions and lifestyle. I have incredible friends. They make me feel so loved with small gestures like cinnamon rolls on my front porch.”

Positive attitudes, keeping busy, and leaning on friends all keep this family #SnitkerStrong.

Resource List

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Electrician – G & R Electric

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Exterior – Midwest Block & Brick

Masonry – Smith’s Brick & Stone for labor; Midwest Block & Brick for materials

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Countertops – Martellaro Marble and Granite, CMP Group

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