Memories made at the Lake of the Ozarks go way back for the Werner family. With weekends and summers spent fishing, skiing and hanging out with family and friends, the area has captured many of their best childhood memories.


“My father always said, ‘The more the merrier,’” Werner says. “Being at the lake is a tradition for us, and I wanted to teach my children and future grandkids to water ski and fish. I wanted a place where they could bring their friends. We create a lot of great moments here together.”


When the couple searched for lake property in 2013, they were amazed to find two and a half acres on a well-established cove, which included 367 feet of lake frontage. As one of the original lake homes built in 1958, the property is minutes away from popular nightlife spots including Lazy Gators, Shady Gators and Camden on the Lake. Several of their neighbors are from Jefferson City as well.


“The lake is a busy place, yet because we are situated on a quiet cove with good acreage, our place is tranquil,” Werner says. “We see a ton of wildlife and deer and can canoe and kayak. You just don’t come across property like this anymore. We have such an awesome setting.”

Although location was ideal, early after purchasing the home, the Werners found that due to foundation cracks and newer building codes needing to be met, it was necessary to tear down the house and build a new structure.


“It was our intent to add on to the original home because we loved the history and its old-time resort feel,” Werner says. “We had remodel plans drawn but eventually realized rebuilding was the way to go because new codes made it too cost prohibitive to keep the original structure. The renovation process took nearly a year from start to finish.”

Today Werner enjoys her spacious eight-bedroom, nine-bath home with family and friends and also uses it as a rental property for corporations and individuals.


“We enjoy the openness yet togetherness here,” Werner says. “We designed this home as a great way to spend a vacation. The bedrooms are intentionally small so you don’t spend much time there, but you want to be in the living room or outside with others.”


Werner credits her friendship and working relationship with husband-and-wife team Ed and Cathy Mueller, owners of Up A Creek In Style, for what allowed her to take ideas into action.

“I first met Cathy at her original store on Highway 54,” Werner says. “She had the most amazing logwood furniture on the front lawn, and I needed to decorate our farmhouse. We started brainstorming over lunch and have been working together from that home to this one. I bring her ideas, and she puts great twists on them. The creative process we share is fantastic. Cathy and I have remained best of friends.


“Between Ed, who is an excellent carpenter, and my husband, they can always find a way to make it happen,” Werner continues. “It helps that both men have patience and a great sense of humor. So often we enjoy looking at the finished perfections throughout our home knowing the collaboration, workmanship and hard work it took to complete. It has definitely been a team effort.”

As a final nod, Werner was particularly pleased when Angela Jackson, daughter of the home’s original owners, Jack and Thelma Judy, stopped by during the rebuild process.

“I found the family’s old photo albums under a bed and had been trying to reach the former owners to return them,” Werner says. “Out of the blue, Angela stopped by one day and shared great stories about her family’s experience here. One thing led to another, Angela rented the place for New Year’s with a few of her siblings, and our families spent it together swapping stories.


“I’ve framed and hung several copies of their family photos throughout the house,” she continues. “You can tell her father took great pride in the building and upkeep of the original home, and their happiness with the new place is a great confirmation to me.”

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Blake Werner, property manager,