Two homes are decorated in different, equally beautiful styles.

photography by Keith Borgmeyer and Anthony Jinson

No other holiday is quite so pervasive as Christmas. Lights, fake snow, and red and green flood the streets, shops, and homes, inside and out. These spectacular displays not only exhibit holiday spirit, but also the personalities of the decorators. On one street alone you can pass a home entirely covered with white, twinkling lights, then a home with a string of huge, multicolored bulbs.

Mike and Karen Michelson have been in the antique business for many years. Not only do they buy and sell; they use their finds to build collections. Antique feather trees, toy sheep, and more surround their home with holiday spirit and stories of past owners. “When you collect antiques, it’s almost like you’re preserving history,” says Karen.

Devan Netcott’s skills as a designer are evident in his Christmas decorating. A champagne tree with splashes of peacock colors inspire an entire room. From accents to garland to the presents under his tree, Devan carefully selects which pieces go best with his scheme, with a few personal touches. “The Santa with a staff was sent to me when my granny passed away,” he says. “That is something very sentimental to me because it reminds me of Granny.”

The decorating styles of the Michelsons and Devan could not be more different, but each shows off their personality beautifully. From historical and antique to modern and unique, these two homes express style on opposite sides of the spectrum.