A complete guide for JC area golfing.

The flowers are starting to bloom, the temperature is starting to warm, and the Masters Golf Tournament is in the books. These are all signs that it’s time to polish your putter, pitching wedge, and driver and get ready to play some golf.

But before hitting the greens, here are some reminders to help you and others maximize your enjoyment the next time you’re on the course:

Be punctual

Mind the time and arrive at the course at least 25 minutes early. That way, you aren’t rushing around and making the groups behind you wait because you were late to your tee time. Make sure that you keep the pace moving. The last thing that any golfer enjoys is slow play. Always be ready to play, and move so you can keep up with the group in front of you.

Be respectful of the course

Take care of the golf course so it’s in better shape than you found it. Fix your ball marks on the greens, and fill in your divots. Also, make sure you are aware of others out on the course trying to enjoy the day. Keep your voice and loud music to a low minimum to be respectful of others. Keep the golf carts on the paths as much as possible. Taking your cart in wet areas or close to greens or tee boxes damages the turf that you and others are trying to play. Treat your golf cart like you would your own car by driving safely at all times.

Central Missouri is very fortunate to have some outstanding options for those golfers in your family to go play. Here are a few great course options in and around Jefferson City for all levels of players.

1. Jefferson City Country Club
Jefferson City Country Club is a private, 18-hole club that requires either a membership or an appointment by non-members. The most notable hole of this course is the first one, which offers a new forward tee and a generous landing area to allow golfers some wiggle room to start. JCCC is a challenging course, one that’s always in great condition and that will test every element of your golf game.

Meadow Lake Acres Country Club
Meadow Lake Acres Country Club is a private 18-hole club that is open to members and their guests. But MLACC is considered one of the hidden gems of Missouri on many levels. Presenting tree-lined fairways,45 white sand bunkers, and water features on nine holes, it is as beautiful as it is demanding. This course is challenging, but is always in great condition with many options of yardages to play.

Oak Hills Golf Course
Oak Hills Golf Course is a public, 18-hole course that requires you to call for a tee time. A challenging course to play, it is easily walkable and can also be traveled by renting a golf cart. While golfers can play across 5,581yards of competitive greens, Oak Hills also has multiple tee selections for all levels to enjoy the round as long as greens are free of frost.

Railwood Golf Club
Located in Holts Summit, Railwood Golf Course is a public, 18-hole course that requires scheduled tee times while also offering a full range of membership options. Railwood is a great test for golfers as it requires players to hit all kinds of shots. Players can walk or rent a golf cart to enjoy the round, and there are multiple tee selections for all levels to enjoy.

Turkey Creek Golf Course/Ken Lanning Golf Center
Turkey Creek Golf Course/Ken Lanning Golf Center is a public facility that does not require scheduled tee times. This facility has two 9-hole, par-3 courses. Both courses are easy to walk, or players may rent a golf cart. These courses are also great places for all levels of golfers, but for those beginner players, they present a perfect opportunity to learn the game while not being intimidated by the prospect of playing long holes. For players who need a little work on their iron game, you can’t find a better place to dial in those shots.

It’s never too late to improve your game. Be sure to tryout some of these great courses this summer.