Maxine Miller

MaxineMillerBEST PART OF THE JOURNEY: I can breathe all the way up the steps to my work area. I can breathe at night when I lay on my back and not feel as though I am suffocating. I look in the mirror and feel wonderful about
myself. I do look much hotter now.

LIFESTYLE CHANGES: I am still me, so my lifestyle is the same other than eating habits. Friends should always be friends whether you are plump like I was or less plump like I am now. I have a great family and a set of friends who support me and who are very proud of me. I love feeling healthy.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Since I’m still in phase one of the Ideal Protein Weight Solutions program, I’m not yet running into challenges. In the future, I can imagine the desire for inappropriate food and eating in
moderation will present temptations. I’ve learned better ways of eating and looking at food, and I know it will continue to help me keep the weight off.

WORDS OF INSPIRATION: Try it. What do you have to lose? For me, I lost almost half of myself. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight can and will change your life for the better. Don’t think solely in terms of financial costs of the program. Remember to consider health risks and potential health costs if you don’t lose weight. You deserve to do this for yourself.

It was an annual checkup that prompted Maxine Miller to take a serious look at her weight gain. She was having trouble breathing, and her doctor thought she was having an issue with her heart. Health concerns were, for the first time, giving her an uneasy feeling about her health. Miller admits that her weight gain happened over a period of time and complacency kept her from taking a serious look at losing the weight.

“I have a great  network of support with my friends and family, so they accept me for me,” Miller says. “They loved and supported the larger me, and they also like the smaller me. A ‘cherry on top’ about this whole experience has been that after losing weight, I not only feel better with much more energy, but I look better and clothes shopping has actually become fun. These are all bonuses.”

On her doctor’s recommendation, Miller decided to get serious about her health, and it was during a health fair where she met up with Christie Thompson, Ideal Protein coach with Advanced Spinal Rejuvenation.

“Running into to Christie was perfect timing after my physical came back so scary,” Miller says. “The Ideal Protein program they offered seemed easy enough when Christie started explaining it to me. I loved the idea of prepared, good-tasting meals. The no exercise part, at least in the initial phase, was appealing as well. It was encouraging that I could lose an average of three to seven pounds per week with a program that has been around for more than 25 years.”

Over the course of a year, Miller was able to lose 104 pounds and she plans to continue losing more until she reaches her personal goal of 113 pounds, her weight as a senior in high school. The goal of the program, which is medically designed and follows a restricted carbohydrate protocol, is to help her eventually reach a desired 25 percent body fat.

“I like the coaching and support I get every step of the way,” Miller says. “The Ideal Protein program is easy and convenient and it works. They’ve helped me learn about which foods to eat together for maximum results.”
Since Miller is just in phase one, she looks forward to seeing even more results in the future. While past attempts at losing and keep weight off were unsuccessful, Miller has found a program that suits her needs and lifestyle.

“I’ve learned better ways of eating and looking at food, and I know it will continue to help me keep the weight off,” Miller says.

Advanced Spinal Rejuvenation can be reached at 573-636-6400 for more information about the Ideal Protein Weight Solutions program.

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