Here are some of LaBelle’s tips for mixing design.


Mixing shades of white: pair bright white and off white, just use elements that tie them together (countertop or tile).

Mixing metals: in the kitchen, use black cabinet hardware, a stainless-steel sink/faucet paired with a black and vintage gold light fixture.

Mixing light fixture styles: have multiple unique pieces, just make sure you have one complementary component (shape, style or color to blend them).

Mixing cabinetry elements: pair a simplistic door and finish with a contrasting color and style (shaker white wall cabinets and dark stained base cabinets).


Be careful mixing warm tones and cool tones together. Don’t mix tan with a cool shade of gray (instead use warm gray).

Metals that don’t mix well together are shades of gold. Do not pair bright painted gold with vintage antiqued brass (instead pair with neutral black).

Pay attention to the style of your home! Don’t put super modern light fixtures in your ultra-traditional home (use simple transitional pieces instead).

Don’t try to incorporate a painted gray island into your Honey Oak Kitchen (instead use an off white cabinet and a countertop that incorporates warm tones with an accent of warm gray or paint your honey oak).

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