Grab your garland and get inspired with these tips from River City Florist designer Lauren Moscato.

First things first — find a full, thick garland in the appropriate size. A nice garland can go a long way and create a fuller look using less product than a thin garland. Add lights if preferred.

Make sure you can anchor your garland to the mantel using either a nail or a 3M Command hook if you don’t want to put holes in your mantel. If you have little ones around the house that like to touch your beautiful Christmas décor, the piece could easily fall down if not anchored correctly.

Next, I work with my ribbon. I choose to make a strong focal point with a bow and then stream tails throughout the garland.

The finishing touches are the artificial stems to create a floral garland. Zip ties work great to make a stem stay where it’s intended to be. Then, add some decorative trees, villages, pine cones, whatever matches your décor. Adding some height with these items goes a long way and will draw your eyes up through your design!