Darek and Tricia Baker fulfill their pastry dreams as new owners of Plate & Pour.

With buttery almond croissants, decadent lemon custard cups, and rich, made-to-order lattes and coffees, who needs to peruse the avenues of Paris patisseries when one can simply stroll by Plate & Pour to immerse themselves in the delights of a fine pastry café right here in Jefferson City?

New owners Darek and Tricia Baker are delighted to indulge customers’ sweet and savory palettes with scrumptious pastries and a variety of gourmet coffees and lattes. Located on the ground floor of the Missouri Baptist Convention building, on the corner of High Street and Monroe Street, Plate & Pour is a hidden gem.

“It’s a dream fulfilled,” says Darek. “My wife, Tricia, and I have always appreciated and supported locally-owned coffee shops and cafes in our travels, and we have a love for baking and the culinary arts ourselves. We had talked of owning our own establishment one day, but the timing had never seemed right.”

What we love about owning a coffee shop and bakery is meeting all the wonderful people, learning their stories, and sharing their delight in our offerings.

— Darek Baker
Mini S’more Ganache Tart from Plate & Pour

Mini S’more Ganache Tart 

Seriously, who doesn’t want to savor a good s’more? This campfire classic is taken up a notch using only the best ingredients. Made in-house, this tart is based with a graham cracker crust and then washed in premium ganache chocolate and topped with Marshmallow Fluff to evoke those cozy, chilly fall nights of sharing memorable stories, music, and laughter with friends and family. There are many steps to making these, but they are totally worth it. “S’mores are the ultimate childhood classic turned into an elevated, decadent adult treat in a tart,” Tricia comments.

But that changed when opportunity came knocking at their door. This time, things just felt right.

“It was happenstance that I noticed Plate & Pour one day as I was driving, and I stopped in to get a coffee to surprise Darek and purchase a gift card,” Tricia says. “I remember walking through the door, and the air seemed to shift. I felt like I belonged there. Glancing at the gift card I had just purchased, I noticed it had a limited time use. When I inquired, the gentleman mentioned that they were considering the idea of selling. My heart jumped in a moment of serendipity as I thought about our dream. After much prayer and tackling a few roadblocks, Darek and I decided this was the time to. take the leap. I just knew this was where we needed to be. God truly guided us.”

In the kitchen, Tricia, a nurse by trade, takes the lead in pastry creation. She spent her childhood in the kitchen learning from the best — her mom, of course.

“My mom is one of the main reasons for taking this journey and why I’m so passionate about food and creating an enjoyable experience and atmosphere for our customers. I followed her around the kitchen and the grocery store since before I could walk. She was so proud that we took this challenge.
She and I actually created and tested the house favorite items that we now serve. I’m so incredibly blessed she could witness my dream come true before her sudden death.”

Darek’s experience comes from a background of working in Jefferson City area restaurants. He says his primary role now is coordinating orders, stocking, and managing the counter while handling signature dishes on the menu. It’s a team effort that works in creating a welcoming atmosphere to all who frequent the bakery.

“We are very grateful to previous owners Roger and Laura Whitmore whom we continue to have a wonderful relationship with,” Tricia says. “We love their son, Tanner, and are so happy he was on board to continue to work for us. We couldn’t be more grateful to have someone who cares for the business as much as we do. We have a lot of fun together!”

“What we love about owning a coffee shop and bakery is meeting all the wonderful people, learning their stories, and sharing their delight in our offerings,” Darek says. “We have been very blessed and truly thank our customers for their loyal support in making this dream an amazing reality.”

Salted Caramel from Plate & Pour

Salted Caramel 

Little jars of golden goodness, Plate & Pour’s salted caramel is perfect for combining with a cup of coffee or drizzling over a bowl of ice cream.

Macaroons from Plate & Pour

French Macarons 

Now these French macarons are something to croon about. Fall inspired pumpkin spice and salted caramel macarons tend to be at the top of the list for everyone from adults to the youngest of discerning palettes. And, they even make the perfect colorful centerpiece for any gathering. With an intricate three-day prep process and the proper baking technique, these macarons become an alluring delicacy. The flavors are always changing, but when in doubt, Tricia recommends almond and vanilla.

Mini Tart Pumpkin Pie from Plate & Pour

Mini Tart Pumpkin Pie

The best part about this classic desert is that it’s small, so there’s no pressure of having to share. A vanilla tart shell filled with original pumpkin pie filling, what’s not to love? Don’t forget to top it with a dollop of whipped cream.

Apple Cider Mini Bundt Cake from Plate & Pour

Apple Cider Mini Bundt Cake

These mini cakes are tasty, not too heavy, and scream with fall flavors! Not only do they look adorable, but they can also make a wonderful gift.

Cinnamon Roll from Plate & Pour

Cinnamon Roll 

What better way to fall into autumn than with some cinnamon rolls? Cinnamon rolls are a yummy treat no matter the season, and they happen to be a huge house favorite at Plate & Pour. Filled with mouth watering layers of ooey gooey goodness, butter, and sugar, this age-old inspired treat is topped o  with a mesmerizing glaze. These really are the full package when it comes to indulging in a breakfast treat. No guilt here!

I remember walking through the door, and the air seemed to shift. I felt like I belonged there.

— Tricia Baker

Not to be outshined, savory dishes include Tricia’s earthy, mouthwatering bacon gouda cruffins that were inspired by her mother. Additional staples to the menu include the classic mini crustless quiche and the to-die-for stuffed croissants (served daily). On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Darek serves his made-from-scratch breakfast burritos that have become quite famous with patrons. While the ingredients may rotate, this dish will always off er the fluffiest, most scrumptious eggs. For discerning customers who love all things pastry, Plate & Pour is an exquisite, one-stop Parisian inspired delight in the heart of Missouri.