Hy-Vee’s ‘Simple Fix’ meal prep makes your busy life a little easier.

The ‘Simple Fix’ plan allows customers to take home a week’s worth of pre-planned meals that need very little prep work at home. “Hy-Vee’s mission is to make lives easier, healthier, and happier, and the Simple Fix meals are just another way we can do this for our customers,” says Molly Berndt, Hy-Vee’s clubroom manager.

“I love ‘Simple Fix’ because they have all the time-consuming prep work done,” says Lisa Eiken. “Hamburger is browned, veggies are chopped – we just have to bag it.”

City Magazine attended a Simple Fix prep session to see how it all works. Raw and cooked ingredients for seven separate meals are laid out in stations. Members of the class — this time a group of JCPS elementary school teachers — divide up to make the preparations quick and efficient. Molly and a few assistants demonstrate how to prepare the meals at each station. Finally, a bag, tin, or other container is filled for each participant.

“We shop, prep, cook, and clean up, leaving the customer no mess at home and a week’s worth of delicious meals that take very little time to finish,” says Molly.

Watching the preparation, it’s evident that not only is Simple Fix a perfect way to save time and energy — it’s also a lot of fun. Every participant smiled and laughed through the work, probably feeling relieved that a week’s worth of cooking was being (mostly) done in about an hour.

You may be asking, “Is Simple Fix something I should consider doing?”

Molly has the answer. “One of the great things about the Simple Fix meals is they can work for anyone,” she says. “From the busy parent to the retiree to the person who just doesn’t like to cook, Simple Fix can be your solution.”

If you are interested in joining the Simple Fix craze, call Molly at Hy-Vee or email 1303clubmgr@hy-vee.com