Chefs at five local bars flex their creative muscles with fall foods. 

When we think of bars, we think of a specific type of food. While that food may be outstanding, we may not consider it “gourmet.” The chefs at ECCO Lounge, J. Pfenny’s, Paddy Malone’s, Prison Brews, and Spectator’s show off their incredible talent with non-traditional bar food that is gourmet. Whether it’s a twist on a traditional favorite (tacos, wings, and jalapeño poppers) or something totally new (pork shank and seared scallops), their skill and creativity shine through. 

J. Pfenny’s
Chef: Angelia Etter
Pulled pork street tacos 


ECCO Lounge
Chef: Stephen Pilkington
Slow-braised pork shank with red wine Dijon pan sauce


Paddy Malone’s
Chef: Tommy Tatman
Guinness barbecue wings


Prison Brews
Chef: Clifton Resonno
Bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers stuffed with shrimp 


Chef: Steve Whitener
Seared scallops over polenta with a demi-glaze


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