Immersing into the world
of sound healing.

In a noisy world where urban life often dominates, people are seeking new ways to find a few moments of peace. But rather than trying to cancel out noise altogether, sound therapy can help with concerns such as stress, processing emotions, and unblocking spiritual energy. 

Sound baths are an ancient practice that seek to provide guidance and ignite a full-body meditative experience for individuals as they lie down and listen to harmonic sounds. Sound baths do not involve water as the name may suggest. Instead, participants are immersed in waves of sound from vocal toning and instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, and chimes. The resonant frequencies and vibrations from these instruments can interact with the body in profound ways, similar to the type of stimulation and body tingles one can have when leaving a music concert.

Doris Guillory, the owner of Catalpa Wellness Center, uses her Tibetan bowls and other instruments to take participants through a sound journey, assisting them in mind, body, and spiritual experiences. Sessions with Doris can be one-on-one treatments or private group sessions for two to 10 people. Each session lasts for about an hour, and they typically begin with participants lying down on soft mats, often with blankets, pillows, and a scented eye masks for added comfort. With lights dimmed, Doris plays the low vibrating sound waves over and around the body, layering sounds and adjusting the intensities of the sound waves. The rich tones create an enveloping soundscape throughout the room, allowing participants to focus on the melodies and harmonies. These types of rhythmic sounds frequently lead to deep relaxation or meditation. 

While the idea of sound therapy may seem new to some, sound baths can be traced back to indigenous cultures such as Siberia and the Tibetan monks, who have harnessed the power of sound for healing and spiritual practices for centuries. As the world has become more interconnected and digitized, the need for practices that can ground and center people spiritually has become more sought out than ever before. Sound baths, with their blend of ancient wisdom and modern application, might just be the resonant solution that many are seeking. Modern sound baths can be seen as a continuation of these age-old traditions and have been adapted for contemporary seekers.

For those interested in experiencing a sound bath for the first time, keeping a few pointers in mind may help. First, it’s important to remember that while some might find immediate relaxation their first time, others might need a couple of sessions to fully attune to the experience. Wear comfortable clothing and leave any distractions, such as cellphones, out of the room. And finally, as with any wellness practice, it’s essential to arrive with an open mind.

In an era where sensory overload is often the norm, sound baths offer a therapeutic experience for those seeking inner tranquility and balance. Delve into the soothing realms of sound therapy to provide not only a reprieve, but also a profound connection to a deeper sense of self. It’s an experience worth exploring.