Bringing the color of tranquility into everyday life.

Colors tend to evoke different feelings and emotions. Each color comes with its own psychological response, and green is no different. The color green typically symbolize nature and tranquility. It is also associated with money, luck, health, envy or jealousy, and environmental awareness.

Wind Chime| Dogwood Vintiques
Hear the incredible clarity and spread tranquil music throughout your yard. Both visually and acoustically enjoyable, this wind chime from Dogwood Vintiques combines excellence indesign with incredible tones and resonance.

Plants | Longfellow’s Garden Center
Green thumb or not, adding a miniature common juniper or fern spray gold hinoki cypress is a great way to spruce up any yard. Plant them in the fall for the best results and to ensure proper root growth for spring.

1940’s Mixer| Mimi’s Vintage & Gifts
Diners are a classic and so is this mixer acquired from an old soda shop onW. High Street. Not only does it still work, but accessories like these help remind us of what we loved about the early days

Bracelets| Southbank Gift Co.
In some cultures, jade has been traditionally revered as more precious than diamonds as it is said to protect the wearer from misfortune. Whether for luck or for style, jade is a great accessory for any season.

Green Shoes| American Shoe Inc.
Those rainy days have never been more fun than when you’re sporting these Cougar Firenze ankle boots. Crafted with a waterproof rubber synthetic upper and a pulltab for easy on-and-off, you can chase the clouds away and have fun all day!

GurglePot | Carrie’s Hallmark
While using the GurglePot beverage pitcher, it provides a delightful gurgling sound as trapped air is released from the tail after pouring. Crafted of durable stoneware, the GurglePot can be a perfectly useful flower vase, too!

Books | Retold Tales Used Book Store
A book’s value doesn’t expire the moment it’s. been read; it can also be one of the most budget friendly forms of decorating! Find a few that look good together and stack them on top of each other. They’ll complement your decor without hogging space on your bookshelf.