No need to pass the rolls. These wheat-free options will more than satisfy.

Eating gluten free might sound like a sacrifice, but that’s not so once you see what five local restaurants have to offer. Whether you have celiac disease (an allergy to gluten) or simply want to say no to gluten for a meal or more, these dishes will leave you feeling anything but deprived.

Some people find that giving up gluten helps them lose weight, have more energy and stay focused during the day. We say, give this tasty fare a try!


Prison Brew’s:

Tomato, feta and bacon pizza, $16.15; Red Bridge beer (gluten free) $4

Gourmet - Prison Brews

Madison’s Café:

Santa Fe chicken salad, $10.40; hearts of palm salad; $8.65; Pasta Sydney (substitute rice penne), $13.50

Gourmet - Madison's Cafe

Oscar’s Classic Diner:

French toast with fruit option, $8.98; The Naked Burger, $8.49

Gourmet - Madison's Cafe

Café Via Roma:

Tuscan turkey panini, $7.85; pumpkin loaf (one slice), $2.95

Gourmet - Cafe Via Roma

Yanis Coffee Zone:

Middle Eastern platter, $8.99; Yanis salad, $5.50; spinach salad topped with grilled chicken, $7.99; broccoli and cheese soup with half Greek salad, $7.99

Gourmet - Cafe Via Roma