The Boo Crew

This ghost treat is a fun sculptural cake. Why go flat sheet cake when you can go 3-D? Baker’s tip: You can sculpt edible treats with items other than cake. Try Rice Krispies treats or modeling chocolate. Assorted decorative pumpkins and gourds, The Schaefer House, $4.50-12 each



Deathly Hallows

Our black and white three-tiered cake adorned with a spider and its web is both elegant and frightening. Baker’s tip: Don’t over-decorate your cake. Sometimes less is best. Wax-shaped flameless candles, Good & Perfect Gifts, $2.99 each



Wacky Lil’ Monsters

These Halloween cookies mix the silly with the scary. The one big eye does the trick. Baker’s tip: Don’t be limited by what’s available in traditional cookie cutter shapes. Cut out your own cookie shape and size, and add a puffed design effect to give the cookie more dimension. Add some texture for even more visual interest. TAG Halloween dish towel, The Schaefer House, $6.50