Items from Major Interiors:
1. Pewter trophy 2. Books from family history 3. Botanical prints 4. Faux diamond hide pillow, embroidered coral pillow in aqua, knit geometric pillow in teal 5. Faux ram head 

What is the best approach for pulling a room together? The question is often at the forefront when styling or designing a room. First, decide how the room needs to function. Rearrange, replace, or repurpose the pieces required for the space. Secondly, when accessorizing, pull accent colors from staple pieces. This could be an area rug or your favorite piece of art. Remember, an accent color can be complementary or contrasting. Third, create interest using texture and objects of interest. Have fun and layer in pieces of varying heights, material, and color to pull the vision together. 

Brandon Chambers, owner at David Brandon Home & Design, continues to reconnect with his adopted hometown, Jefferson City, building his brand of design along the way.