Looking to add some high-end features to a dining room? Don’t be afraid to go a bit bold with your design. This room should include some real wow-factor pieces like a grand chandelier or a unique dining room table that makes for a great conversational piece. With a few simple adjustments and strategic styling techniques, you too can create a space that feels impressively regal. 

1. Tricorn Black wall paint  from Sherwin-Williams. 2. Ceiling medallion from Lowe’s, painted black. 3. Porfino natural wood bead body chandelier with black and gold metal accents from Hockman Interiors. 4. Black and gold acrylic tray and marble origami trio structural centerpiece from Hockman Interiors. 5. Hockman Interiors custom chairs with upholstery from CR Lanie.

Sherry Hockman, owner of Hockman Interiors, has been an interior decorator throughout Missouri for more than 14 years. She loves creating spaces that reflect her clients’ tastes, hobbies, personalities, and lifestyles in beautiful, functional ways.