We’ve almost made it through winter. Spring is right around the corner, so it’s a great time to use plants to liven up the inside of our offices and houses in anticipation of the warm weather to come. 

For the residents of Heisinger Bluffs and River City Florist, this time of year is also a perfect opportunity to partner up and create miniature indoor succulent gardens for the residents to decorate their rooms. 

Heisinger Bluffs, recent winner of CITY’s Best for adult care, does a wonderful job of hosting activities for their residents. On any given day, they could have between four and ten activities available for the residents. According to Sarah March, activities coordinator, “The residents enjoy these activities because it’s something new they’ve never done or was a hobby they used to have.” 

Because Heisinger Bluffs is always in activity planning mode, they jumped at the idea to hold a succulent class hosted by River City Florist. With this activity, residents were able to stretch their creative capabilities and enjoy time visiting with one another. And it wasn’t just the residents getting involved — a few Heisinger Bluffs employees participated as well, spending quality time with the people they help care for. 

River City Florist’s knowledgeable staff demonstrated step-by-step directions and were available to answer all questions about creating and maintaining succulent gardens, like how often to water them (answer: once every two to three weeks). At the end of the session, each participant was able to leave with a beautiful and unique garden. 

The best part about these succulent gardens — besides how cute they are — is the fact that they’re easy to maintain. Succulents work well in dry air and are low maintenance. They also tend to grow to the size of their container, so you can contain their growth in your home or office. 

River City Florist hosts a variety of classes throughout the year. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for up-to-date information on new classes being offered. If you are interested in hosting your own succulent garden party, or just making a fun activity for your kids, check out the steps here >>