This season, bring the cozy outside with style that lasts all winter long.

For many homeowners, a front porch sets the tone for the whole property, especially during the holidays. It’s no wonder, then, that many Mid-Missourians pull out all the stops to bring an awe factor to their entrance, sometimes hiring pros to help create #PorchGoals. So what makes a winter porch pop? Devan Netcott of Hockman Interiors has the process down to a science.

To make your seasonal set-up stretch through the coldest season, Netcott suggests starting with a neutral palate. A wintery black and white setting, for example, allows more flexibility for decorative accents. To nail the vibe, try grouping trendy buffalo plaid with icy add-ins, like snowflake cutouts, frost-covered branches, polar bear, deer, or penguin-adorned pillows, or maybe even a classic wooden sled.

“This theme can be up for a longer span of time and not really tie you into color,” Netcott explains.

While arranging your space, don’t feel limited to what’s on sale in stores. Instead, take cues from Mother Nature. Netcott notes that found items, like antlers, horns, or dried materials, fit any style preference, and some can even be tracked down in your own backyard. Pay tribute to the inviting warmth of a campfire by working in faux candles or twinkle lights that add a welcoming (and safer) glow.

Finally, don’t be afraid to move items around and play with proportions. A single statement piece, like a show-stopping wreath, artfully placed swag, or staggering topiary, can have an eye-catching impact, even from the road. 

“I’m known for the ‘go big or go home’ phrase,” Netcott notes. “No matter the space, use large items.”

At the end of the day, be mindful of what makes you happy. One key to a stunning setup is incorporating items that are already cherished, whether that is a pair of lanterns you leave out year round or a vintage piece that reminds you of seasons past.

“I encourage people to find and use items that they love,” Netcott said. “It makes it homey and yours.” 

Devan Netcott is an interior design specialist for Hockman Interiors.