Exploring the rich
tapestry of Indian flavors.

Born from a confluence of diverse regions, cultures, and histories, Indian cuisine offers expansive dishes with rich flavors that range from tangy heat to subtle sweetness. These flavors and cooking traditions have been captivating palates worldwide for centuries, and now they can be enjoyed right here in Jefferson City. Curry n Grill invites diners to venture out and get a true taste of India.

Vegetable Platter
A combination of paneer and vegetable pakora, veggie samosa, and onion bhaji, this vegetable platter invites diners to experience a blend of vegetables and Indian cheese in an unexpected and delightful manner. Each item is deep fried and battered in mild spices. It’s a perfect vegetarian option or appetizer for the whole family to try.

Paneer: Fresh acid-set cheese
Pakora: Fried fritters made with vegetables or cheese
Samosa: Fried pastries with a savory filling
Bhaji: Fried fritters made with spicy or fragrant
vegetables like onion

Aloo Gobi (uh·loo go·bee)
Another simple, yet cherished, vegetarian meal is aloo gobi. Made with chopped potatoes and chunks of cauliflower florets, this dish is simmered to perfection with garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, and a mix of traditional Indian spices, including turmeric.

Aloo: Potatoes
Gobi: Cauliflower 

Tandoori Mix Grill Platter (tan·daw·ree)
Served with sizzling allure, the tandoori mix grill platter is not only entertaining to eat, it features a mix of tandoori chicken, shrimp, fish, and chicken tikka to enjoy all at once. Marinated in a medley of spices and yogurt and then roasted to perfection with onions and peppers in a traditional tandoor oven, this dish comes packed with marvelous aromas as it sizzles on the plate.

Tandoori: Dishes cooked in a tandoor oven 

Kadai Chicken (kuh·day) 
A traditional meal that highlights a combination of rich Indian flavors, the kadai chicken delivers warmth, zest, and an unforgettable experience. Cooked in a kadai, or wok, this dish mixes succulent chicken with crispy onions and green peppers in a unique sauce made of spices and chilis.

Kadai: A frying pan

Honey Chili Chicken 
Having a sensational balance of sweet and spicy, the honey chili chicken comes highly recommended for those seeking a meal that has the perfect amount of kick. Battered and fried until crisp, the tender chicken pieces are then tossed with onions, green peppers, and dried chilis in a zesty honey sauce.

Garlic Naan
Cooked in a tandoor oven, this delectable naan bread has a slightly crispy exterior and a tender, chewy core.

Tandoori: Dishes cooked in a tandoor oven
Naan: A leavened oven-baked or fried flatbread

A deep-fried bread that features a fluffy interior and a golden-brown exterior
bhatura has a satisfying crunch.

Bhatura: Deep-fried bread