CITY Magazine documents what Devan Netcott, an interior designer with Hockman Interiors, can do for a challenging space on a $1,000 budget. We set out to find a room in need by making a call-out on our Instagram Story. Cassie Huckabay sent me a DM immediately. 

Image depicting a cell phone with Instagram Direct Messages on the screen with the following message: 

CITY Magazine: Which space do you feel most at a loss about?

Cassie: It is 100% the master bedroom. The color of my bed looks awful against this paint and the window throws the entire room off. James [Cassie’s husband] is struggling because he wants it to be a retreat and it’s so far from that. I do own one thing I’d like to keep. It’s a $300 wooden bead chandelier for my side of the bed, potentially. We just need a legit, adult bedroom.
Image of a bland room with a messy queen bed. Two awkward windows are on perpendicular walls and the headboard of the bed covers one.

“I’m OK with going over budget if it’s flexible, and I can move the items to another room. Our long-term plan is an addition, so this will become a spare bedroom.”

  — Cassie
After Image: A wall of curtains hides the awkward window behind the head board and adds texture and warmth. The bedding has been updated and a bench has been added to the end of the bed.

Wall to wall curtains were installed to offset the awkward windows. 

Devan was able to incorporate Cassie’s beaded wooden lamp.

New bedding and modern stripe pillows were incorporated for texture and coziness.

By incorporating existing pieces like their night stands, headboard and dresser, Devan was able to complement them with additional accents like this beaded table lamp and the raw edged wood bench at the foot of the bed.  

Below are some of the homeowners’ comments as they saw the new space: 

Cassie: I’ve worked with other interior designers in the past and thought maybe it just wasn’t for me, but Devan was so great! He was easy to work with and really funny.

James: He didn’t get offended when we shot down his ideas. Even though he liked something, he knew our vision and taste was what was most important in the end.

Cassie: My favorite part is . . . blue! I had always envisioned green, but this is far better than anything I thought up. Love the final color scheme!  We also love the rug! I thought having carpet committed us to not having a rug — but not true.

We love that he accommodated our pieces into the final product.

Q&A with the interior designer: Devan Netcott, Hockman Interiors 

What was your favorite part of the process?

The whole process is always fun. Love the before and after results and seeing the excitement of the homeowners during the transformation.

What did the homeowners do that made your job easier?

The homeowners were definitely hands-on. They hung the rods and panels one evening as a family project.

What was the most challenging part for you?

The most challenging part was the placements of the windows and being able to work the layout of the room around them.

What would you recommend to others who have similar problems or wishes as the homeowners?

When decorating your space, use some favorite pieces. Coordinate colors, textures, and patterns.