“…there are so many enjoyable things in Jefferson City!

-Shelby Welling

Growing up in Jefferson City as a teenager, I’ve always heard there’s nothing to do in this city, but that’s not true! Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper, but there are so many enjoyable things!

Tee Off Time
I’m a golfer, so it’s no surprise I love spending time on the golf course. But on days when it’s too hot or cold (or rainy or snowy), our courses are often not open. Golf Underground is the way to go! With a few different bays, you’re able to play golf without a course. They use simulators, and there are a bunch of mini games you can play. It’s super fun and also a cool place to hang out with friends. They serve drinks, and it’s a great place to spend your day or evening.

Fun and Food 
I love eating at Prison Brews because it’s more than a sit-down dining experience. They have fun foods like pizzas from a wood-fire oven that you can see cooking from the dining area and giant soft pretzels with yummy cheese dip. They also have a nice outside patio where you can enjoy playing a few games of bocce!

Shop Till You Drop
The mall has always been a place teens go, but as many stores have shut down, I’ve found other fun things to do there. Every teenage girl loves Bath and Body Works. I sure do! Right out front is a pretzel and drink stand, which is super good. I’ve also been to the mall arcade with my friends a few times, which is also fun. There are a few nice clothing stores like Ross and rue21, where you can shop the latest fashions.

A YoYummy Treat
Who doesn’t love to assemble your own frozen yogurt? YoYums has an assortment of toppings and lots of flavors to choose from. It’s also super cute inside and they have betta fish in bowls on the tables! Their outdoor seating area is nice when the weather is good — a perfect place to spend a summer evening.

Shelby Welling is a sophomore at Capital City High School and a member of the varsity golf team and the A honor roll. Shelby is also a 2021 Young Ones to Watch recipient and is the founder of EmBrace the Curve, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and education for early detection of scoliosis and provides support to newly diagnosed scoliosis warriors through multiple projects.