“You will always be welcomed and appreciated wherever you visit.”

Monica and David Hoy

Our community offers an endless array of activities for grandparents and grandkids to enjoy together throughout the entire year. Don’t be afraid to venture out and try something new. You will always be welcomed and appreciated wherever you visit. 

Cheap Day Passes at the YMCA
At the YMCA, day passes for families are only $15! That means you and your grandkids can enjoy swimming, basketball, tennis, pickleball, walking trails, and exercising any day of the week. JC Gymnastics also offers a gymnastics open gym on Sundays. Pack your gym bag and swimsuit to enjoy all kinds of fun. 

Story Time at the Library 
If you haven’t been to the Missouri River Regional Library lately, you’re missing out. MRRL is a great place to bring your grandkids for entertainment and education. Grandkids can stop by for a scheduled story time, or you can look at books together when the library is open. There is also a variety of programs for all ages: crafts, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) activities, book clubs, movies, and more!

Fossil Hunting at the Capitol
The Capitol building is a story in and of itself, but what most folks do not know is about the materials used in its construction. Did you know the limestone used provides an excellent glimpse into marine animals that once lived in Missouri? Countless fossils are embedded in the walls, floors, rotunda, stairway, and exterior of this grand building. Hunting for these fossils provides a challenge that is entertaining, educational, and good exercise.

So Many Parks to Explore
While you might feel comfortable visiting a Jefferson City park near you, you need to check out the other 20-plus parks and trails operated by the Jefferson City Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department. Our favorite is Niekamp Park, in St. Martins. There, as my parents would say, you can let the kids go run and get the prunes blown off them.

Adventure on the JEFFTRAN
This is quite an adventure. Ride the JEFFTRAN and check out all the sites and places you’ve never been. Get off and lunch somewhere. You can hop back on and end up where you started. It’s cheap, easy, and safe, and it’s fun to see Jefferson City from a different perspective.

Monica and David Hoy are grandparents of Stella, Nora, and Theo, who live in Jefferson City, and Lexi and Lena, who live in North Carolina. Monica, a retired state employee, and David, an employee of Naught-Naught Insurance for 28 years, are also owners of Tan Club. They love every moment of being grandparents, as their grandkids rock their world and make them whole. Not only do they love exploring the community, but they love exploring it with their grandkids and watching their ever-growing personalities progress.