Art, education, and entrepreneurism dominate this east side adventure featuring second-hand finds, fresh botanicals, and art house theater — all in the season’s trendiest fashions.

Online shopping is pretty much taking over the world, and for those of us who love supporting local businesses, this new trend can present a huge problem. Fortunately, savvy business owners have found a way to match the internet’s ease of access: mobile shopping.

Bethany Walsh is one of those savvy business owners who took her store to the streets with her pretty pink, black, and white fashion truck, Hello Belle. Named for her daughter, this fashion truck travels around Mid-Missouri providing the latest clothing trends for women of all shapes and sizes. You can order online to have clothes delivered or follow Hello Belle on social media to find out when and where you can visit the truck yourself.

The Inception

When Bethany graduated from college, she came to work for Saffees. “That was a huge moment for me, realizing how much I really loved fashion,” she says. After that, Bethany became a buyer and manager for a gift shop for six years. There she decided she wanted to go into business for herself.

“I wanted to do something different,” Bethany says. “There wasn’t anything in Jefferson City like this, essentially a delivery service for clothing.”

She began her business in 2014 by styling outfits for clients, dropping them off at their houses, and picking back up whatever they didn’t want a couple days later. That was followed by Bethany bringing a boutique to her clients — she would host parties for ladies to shop through clothing racks. After a few years, the Hello Belle truck was conceived.

Moving Forward

“I’m not competitive with others, but I’m very competitive with myself,” says Bethany. After discussing how to grow her business with her husband, the idea of a mobile truck was brought up.

Bethany’s husband mentioned the idea of a repurposed FedEx truck. Her initial reaction was most likely the same as yours is now — where on Earth do you find one of those? After almost a year of searching, Craigslist held the answer. Following much needed repairs, additions (such as cabinets and build-outs) made by her husband, and the wrap you see today, Hello Belle was in business. “I wanted it to be a rolling business card,” says Bethany.

Bethany has a passion for this business evident in her impeccable style, dedication to her clientele, and shrewd business sense. “I’ve never taken a paycheck from my company,” says Bethany. “I have reinvested all the money we make back into the company, and we have no debt. It’s a really good feeling to know my hard work has payed off.”

What’s Next?

“We’ve talked about franchising,” says Bethany. Many people from across the country have reached out to Bethany interested in becoming involved with Hello Belle. Their only concern? Driving the truck!

When asked about a storefront, Bethany says: “I really like the flexibility of the mobile, meeting new people, and traveling. So, for me, this is the perfect fit for my life right now. If anything, we may launch a second mobile store as a pull-behind trailer. That way we can travel further outside Missouri. Right now, we only travel in a 30-mile radius of Jefferson City.”

In addition, Bethany utilizes live online shopping through Facebook. Shop from the comfort of your own home, hassle-free, with a personal touch!

What You’ll Find

Hello Belle has clothing for every season, pieces that can easily transition from work to play and come in a wide array of sizes, and all for $40 or less. “Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a CEO, we have something for you,” says Bethany.

“We consider ourselves ‘trend chasers,’” she says. “But we also have a strong ‘basics’ root. You might have a basic item that will last you many seasons, but then you can layer it with the more boutique, trendy items that, once you get your wear out of it, you’re on to the next thing.”

You will be able to completely accessorize your outfits while shopping Hello Belle. They carry a wide variety of jewelry, hats, shoes, and bags to spice up every look.

No matter what you’re looking for, Hello Belle has what you need!

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Story by Megan Whitehead | Photos by Keith Borgmeyer
Styling by Hello Belle | Hair by Indigo Salon | Makeup by Haute Salon
Instagram @hellobelleboutique