“Jefferson City is truly a great place for families to live and visit.

Justin Duren

For a family of seven, choosing something to do or somewhere to go can be difficult. Luckily, Jefferson City has plenty of options my family and I can all agree on. 

Flavors and Fun
Even with multiple kids and a ton of places to pick from, I know everyone is always up to grab a few scoops at Central Dairy and drive over to Community Park to enjoy flavors and fun of many kinds. After the kids finish their ice creams, you can let them loose at the jungle gym or cool them off at the splash pad.

Getting Crafty
Unique Creations is where we like to let our inner artists come out. Whether it’s painting a ceramic figurine or crafting sweet-smelling candles, there’s always something new to try out. It’s also great to work with such helpful staff. Parents can have their hands free and enjoy crafting right alongside the family.  

Family Game Nights
CORK & Board is a favorite of ours, with family-friendly food options and games galore. Our kids love munching down on the skillet mac, chicken tenders, and snack bowls while competing against each other in a game and with such a big selection, it’s easy to find a game for any age. 

Learning Something New
Indoor and outdoor adventures at the Runge Conservation Nature Center are fun and educational for everyone in the family. They typically have public events and nature exhibits going on every weekend — particularly in the warmer months. 

Hollywood, Here We Come
This family loves a good movie, and trips to Capital 8 Theater never disappoint. But you don’t have to wait until the next hit flick comes out. Their weekday and special offers make going to the movies affordable even for large families. 

Jefferson City is truly a great place for families to live  and visit. While there are many activities we enjoy
around Jefferson City, these are some of our favorites, and I’m sure your family will like them too.

Justin Duren is a longtime resident of Jefferson City. He lives on the east end with his wife, Chris, and five children, ages 8 to 15, as well as two dogs and a cat named Jimmy. Justin is a self-proclaimed coffee geek and works as lead barista and manager at High Rise Bakery. Justin also loves contributing to the community as part of the Downtown Jefferson City Board of Directors.