Jefferson City Medical Group celebrates 30 years of collaborative patient care.

When several small medical practices expressed their need to better serve the Jefferson City community, they joined forces. The result? The Jefferson City Medical Group, which opened its sliding glass doors for the first time in 1993.

Their mission was simple — to cater to Mid-Missouri families with a one-stop shop approach to health care. In its early years, JCMG consisted of over 30 specialties and 100 healthcare providers, serving well over 70,000 patients every year. Now, the team has transformed into a multi-specialty group and expanded to new communities to create an environment of collaborative care. Rooted in coordination, cooperation, and communication, JCMG believes the best medical decisions are made when patients work directly with their physicians to determine treatment. To better adhere to their dedication, JCMG is physician-owned and operated.

Groundbreaking for JCMG in Jefferson City, Missouri.

JCMG prides itself on being owned and operated by physicians who are part of the fabric of our community.


“JCMG prides itself on being owned and operated by physicians who are part of the fabric of our community,” says Dr. Jeffrey Patrick, president of JCMG. “JCMG’s leadership provides a unique community perspective and an unwavering commitment to high quality, state-of-the-art medical care in Central Missouri.”

With the doctors and medical staff leading the way, JCMG is unique to the community in that it’s fueled by passion and propelled by staff performance. To keep up with the ever-growing needs of providing care, JCMG was quick to break ground, expand, and bring new treatment methods to the patients of Jefferson City.

“Since its inception, Jefferson City Medical Group has provided our community, and the surrounding areas, with a facility that is fully able to take care of 95% of all medical problems in a single contained location that includes complete laboratory and X-ray services,” says Dr. Tom Robbins, family physician and co-founder of JCMG. “It’s clear that the original one-stop shop approach to medicine has evolved with the company as. it has grown and expanded throughout the years, leading it to become a holistic, self-contained, and fully equipped medical facility.”

JCMG’S leadership provides a unique community perspective and an unwavering commitment to high quality, state-of-the-art medical care in central Missouri.

JCMG ribbon cutting in Jefferson City, Missouri.

In 2022, the team also opened the JCMG Outpatient Surgery Center, a 28,000- square-foot freestanding surgery center on West Edgewood Drive. The new building offers an extensive list of surgical subspecialities and procedures. With a convenient and cost-effective outpatient setting, it is one of the many reasons why JCMG remains a fully encompassing place for healthcare.

“For me, I was able to perform the last surgery at our old surgery center and the first surgery at our new surgery center,” says Dr. Jonathan Craig head, president of the JCMG Outpatient SurgeryCenter. “This was especially meaningful since my father and his colleagues created our first surgery center, and he did the first surgery at our old facility. I was glad to be able to carry on the family tradition, and I am excited about the quality of care that our new facility is able to offer this community that I love.”

“A few years ago, doing outpatient joint replacements seemed like a pipe dream, but by using new pain control techniques and the latest surgical technology, we have been able to safely send patients home on the same day of their joint replacement surgery,” he adds. “The patient feedback has been fantastic. Patients tell me that if they knew it was going to be this easy, they would never have waited so long to have their surgery. It’s been a real game changer for the patient experience.”

JCMG Orthopaedic Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.
JCMG Surgery Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.

These health care providers are also now working behind the scenes and are active throughout the community with a sense of belonging as parts of the community themselves. They are your neighbors and doctors all rolled into one. The testimony of the staff and doctors at JCMG speaks for itself in that there is a true sense of comradery and connection among their team.

As part of its commitment to patient satisfaction, JCMG continues to invest in next-generation technology and high-tech diagnostics. Ongoing recruitment of new physicians and providers allows JCMG to serve a wider range of families and communities than ever before. With its strong roots, vast adaptations, and ever-evolving approach to patient care, JCMG is a hub for medical professionals and patients within the Jefferson City metro area.

“JCMG is a tremendous opportunity for any physician who wants to be in private practice,” says Dr. George Carr, family physician, co-founder, and vice-president of JCMG. “It allows physicians a level of freedom they cannot have in any other employment model. JCMG also provides a size of practice that allows for a better ability to contract with insurance companies and to interact with the hospitals in a serious way. It has been an honor and joy to see JCMG expand, grow, and provide new services to the Jefferson City area.”

JCMG ribbon cutting in Jefferson City, Missouri.