3600 Country Club Drive #530A

Loyal, humble, fun

Erin Bidlack loves group training, and after 10 years in the industry, she decided to open her own fitness studio in Jefferson City. On June 3, Studio 573 opened its doors.

“I have always found a pull of some sort to exercise and group fitness,” Erin says. “Even after years away, time and time again, it always manages to speak to me.”

Erin started Studio 573 to make training more affordable. “The economy isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago, so if I can give people what they need but save them money, I’m all for it,” shares Erin.

She also has a deep desire to help anyone and everyone — people of all ages, shapes, and genders. “Everyone starts somewhere, and we can get there together,” she says.

Erin plans to build her business by being true to what she knows and what she believes in. “Although I am a business woman by profession, I will not sell someone something I deep down know they have a small chance of succeeding at,” Erin says. “The success rate is far more important than a sale.”