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As the owner of Studio 573 Fitness, Erin Bidlack cares deeply about the health and wellness of this community. It’s not only important in her personal life as a woman and a mother, but also as a local business owner trying to help others in their fitness journey. She’s passionate about supporting all things local to keep businesses thriving right here in her hometown.
“What is the difference between shopping at a chain store versus shopping at a local small business?” Bidlack asks. “You’re keeping a business thriving in this community when you shop local. I get approached all the time to help local organizations as a business owner. It’s so important to help each other.”

Bidlack has a found a unique way to do just that. On holidays, Bidlack invites people to come workout at Studio 573 for free and give a donation at the dollar amount of their choosing to a local charity. Fourth of July benefited a local animal shelter. A back-to-school bash in August gave much-needed funds to the Southwest Early Learning Center. In October, they partnered with the Yoga Studio to give back to the HALO Foundation. It’s a chance for people to walk through her studio door for the first time while helping people in need.

Her dedication to helping people, including her drive and determination to help them reach their fitness goals, has been a difference maker for many. Her clients have also been a tremendous help to her, providing support and encouragement as she runs a business and raises her two young kids, ages 3 and 7, as a single parent while her husband is away for military training.

“It’s hard being a business owner, but my clients are the best,” Bidlack says. “One even offered to babysit for me. That’s the great thing about Jefferson City. There is so much community support here — everyone tries to help extra.”

Bidlack continues to dream big for her business. Although she grew up here, she lived for several years in St. Louis and gained insight into unique studio experiences, such as pilates or barre, that she would love to see evolve in Jefferson City. She also wants to explore online training to make her work more affordable and accessible for everyone. It’s those big ideas that were significant notables in her multiple nominations for Ones to Watch.

“Erin has a knack for thinking outside of the box,” writes Ashley Prenger. “She saw an untapped opportunity in this town to become a progressive fitness studio. After hard work and dedication, she has put her dream in motion and is excelling.”

It is those kind words and support that keep Bidlack in forward motion, even on the most exhausting days of being a full-time business owner and mother. She’s been touched by the generosity of this community.

“I am really excited to be a One to Watch this year,” says Bidlack. “I’m the new person here and for people to connect with me, even taking the time to nominate me, is a big deal.”

What is your spirit animal?

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Community Involvement:

St. Peters Big Bucks
People Helping Paws
The Samaritan Center
American Red Cross
American Heart Association
Community Breast Care Project

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