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This year, Jefferson City Magazine recognizes 10 Ones To Watch—a group of up-and-comers who are not only high-character individuals, but who also have achieved things that have bettered the community. This group inspires through faith, drive, and dedication, and they have shown effective leadership in both their professional and personal involvements.

Attorney in title, connector and relationship builder in practice, Emily Fretwell thrives by helping others out of struggle and into resolution.

“I’m a person who really enjoys life, people, animals, and nature. My life is about making connections and building relationships. I am blessed to have a really solid network of lifelong friends, but I also enjoy growing that circle every day. I like analyzing a problem and helping people solve it. I am pragmatic and tactful and it allows me to help others achieve their goals. In the future, I want to continue to help people and will pursue a judgeship when the opportunity arises. I want to be someone who is dependable and responsive.”

Attorney Emily Fretwell taking a break from law practice at the bowling alley.

I AM MOST GRATEFUL FOR…It is impossible not to say my children, Adeline (9) and Evelyn(7), but I also have a wonderful group of friends that feel like family. I also have a very fun, supportive, and hard-working husband who is the best life partner I could ask for.

I have yearly goals at the office for work production that involve revenue, hours, and moving certain cases along. I don’t have annual goals in my personal life, but I have regular goals that I always have set for myself that involve volunteering in the community, staying active and healthy, coordinating and hosting events for my friends, and supporting my children in their endeavors.

At this moment, the economy is probably weighing heavily on everyone’s minds. Personally, that has forced us to reexamine our budget and cut back on unnecessary expenses.

I have been a member of several volunteer organizations, boards, commissions, and associations. I really enjoy getting to know new people in these capacities and learning more about our community as a whole. As an attorney, I meet a diverse array of people who are all struggling with something. Nobody is ever happy to have to come see me at my office, but I thrive off being able to ease their concerns and help them find a resolution.

I love to plan. My absolute best is having planned an exciting adventure or large event and getting to enjoy it with my friends and family. I love the thought and organization that goes into it and seeing all of the hard work come together.

Wonderful friends, a loving family, and a rewarding career. I think I’m doing pretty good!

I have a small group of girlfriends that are my lifeline. We check in with each other routinely and get together frequently. Anytime I need a boost, I know they will come through with some fun activity to help revive my spirits. The thing I value most in friendship is reliability.

Both of my parents have had a great influence on how I live my life. My dad is a model of trust worthiness, generosity, and professionalism. My mother is caring and thoughtful and knows that it’s important to enjoy every little moment of life.

Community is a sense of belonging, and I feel most at home in my community because of the many relationships that I have established.

The desire to be happy. Of course, happiness means something different for everyone, but I think it’s a goal we all seek to achieve.

I would like to be remembered as someone who is trustworthy and dependable.

I can name all of the books of the bible, does that count? I can also tell my husband and children where the random items that they have “lost” are at our home.

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