CEO, Huber & Associates Inc.
1400 Edgewood Dr.

Logical, Capable, Grateful 

As a young girl, Elizabeth Huber loved to read; with the encouragement of her family and her teachers, that led to a deeper appreciation for how writing and communications can build relationships and spark new ideas. But after graduating from MU, Elizabeth got a job at IBM and became hooked on computers and technology — not a field that’s exactly known for its writerly qualities.

But that passion for communication and relationships became a foundational principle for Huber & Associates, the company she co-founded with her husband, Jim, in 1986. The company can provide IT solutions to streamline the productivity of any business, big or small, but Huber’s success has been built upon the long-term relationships they build with clients.

“Our philosophy is to treat employees and customers like family and to try, whenever possible, to have a hero’s impact,” Elizabeth says.

The company’s core values — integrity, excellence, service, and teamwork — stem from Elizabeth’s own dedication to those values. And she’s serioius about them, too: Huber & Associates has a dedicated committee to make sure employees are having fun at work.

As her company has grown from a home-based business to a thriving company with more than 80 employees, she’s reflective on how her two big passions have helped her career grow. “As an electrical engineer, I developed problem-determination and trouble-shooting skills,” she says. “The combination of the communications and technical skills have been invaluable to me in both personal and professional relationships.”