I love the Eastside so much, I emblazoned it onto a T-shirt that I wear like a uniform. I rarely leave this part of town — because I don’t have to.

When it comes to shopping, I’m partial to Encore, the vintage store I own on East Capitol. I like to think of my eclectic little corner as the gateway to the east. We sell everything from clothing and accessories to art, furniture, and housewares. A few blocks from here, YourMaxCo is setting up shop at the corner of Jackson and McCarty, where you’ll be able to browse handmade bags and other leather fineries. (I’m already an addict and proud owner of two custom purses made right here in Jefferson City).

Annie Schulte
Annie Schulte

For those with fur babies, Premium Pets is a go-to resource on the east end for their nutritional needs and bougie pet swag. After you and your pet get flossy, might as well pick up something for the kids at Classroom Connection. They specialize in quality toys and learning aids. Early education is vital to their future success and their ability to help finance your custom handbag addiction well into your golden years.

Dining on the Eastside is especially wonderful. We’ve got everything from greasy spoons like Daisy Delight and Oscar’s Diner to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, New China, coincidentally located in the same parking lot as what I still call “New Gerbes.” 

Need a romantic dinner for two? Get a table at O’Donoghue’s. While my dates have mostly been a mistake, the food we shared at this restaurant never was. (O’Donoghue’s can thank me for their new marketing slogan later.) For the savviest and healthiest among us, we have Laurel Dunwoody at Love2Nourish handling our weekly meal prep. You can visit her High Street market for your morning coffee and a “grab-and-go” lunch Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon.

Drone photo of Riverside park
Eastside by Photography Levi Willis

Living on the Eastside is why I’ve grown to love Jefferson City as much as I do. We’re a melting pot of young and old professionals, retirees and students. We have every demographic living and working on the east end. We boast some of the most beautiful homes in Jefferson City, from turn of the century architecture on Capitol Avenue and Moreau Drive to the mid-century modern homes found off of Eastland and St. Louis Road. You can find art classes at the Village Art Studio and watch movies at Riverside Park. We have Lincoln University on our end and a soon-to-come splash park.

Most of all, we have a strong sense of community on the Eastside, which was made apparent after having a large swath of our homes devastated by a tornado earlier this year. If they weren’t already, the people on our street became our friends that morning. Nothing brings you closer to your neighbors than shining a flashlight in their bedroom window to make sure they’re still alive. Next time you see the hashtag #JCSTRONG, just know that they’re talking about us, the Eastside. 

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Premium Pets
700 E McCarty St.

700 E High St.

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