Dr. Nick Knaup
The Face of Chiropractic Care

After graduating from Helias Catholic High School, I attended the University of Missouri where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. It was from there I chose to attend Logan University – College of Chiropractic. During my time there, I earned another bachelor’s degree in life science and graduated cum laude as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2015. Since then, I have continued to further my training and education by obtaining certifications in acupuncture (MTAA), extremity adjusting, performance health rehabilitation, and postural ergonomics. I am also a level 1 and 2 RPR® specialist.

Prior to healthcare, I worked landscaping and lawn care for about seven years. After a significant back injury, I was amazed by the results I experienced with chiropractic care and how quickly I recovered. It changed my outlook on how the body functions and performs, which is why I’m so passionate about what I do. 

Chiropractic and acupuncture can help with numerous conditions including, but not limited to, musculoskeletal issues, sports injuries, scoliosis, stiffness, muscle tension, disc issues, headaches, extremity pain, neuropathy, anxiety, depression, stress, and wellness care. I always encourage patients to take advantage of our complimentary case review to see if we can help. Every person is different, so not everyone receives the same treatments and modalities. After an initial consultation and thorough evaluation, we will discuss our findings with you and explain different treatment options. Each visit ranges from 15-20 minutes of face-to-face time consisting of adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and exercises in order to achieve the greatest benefit possible and reach your specific goals. Acupuncture or needling may also be recommended. Our treatments address the whole picture and help you restore proper functionality. They also address any compensatory issues you may be experiencing, while restoring proper function and mobility.

We offer house call/on-site appointments, or you can visit us in the office. In addition to chiropractic and acupuncture, we also offer ergonomic assessments and a doctor-supervised weight loss program. Our goal is to help you move better, feel better, and live better! 

Nick Knaup, DC, MTAA, is certified in Performance Health Rehabilitation and Postural Ergonomics and is a Level 1 and 2 RPR®️ Specialist. With close to a decade of clinical experience, he uses a combination of different treatment techniques and modalities to help his patients achieve
the best possible outcomes.

Mid-MO House Calls: 3600 Country Club Dr., Unit 530E, JCMO
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