Dr. Chandra Prasad
The Face of Vein Care

I have been treating vascular diseases since the very beginning of my career. At that time, most treatments for vein disease were surgical interventions and treatments aimed at mediating the complications of the disease. Over the years, however, a whole sub-specialty has developed to treat this chronic illness through non-surgical and minimally invasive care. In 2007, I opened the Genesis Laser & Vein Center, and in 2008, I received my board certification in phlebology, which is the specialty for vascular care. The Laser & Vein Center at Genesis is a fully dedicated clinic, with a staff dedicated to helping patients manage their vein diseases. 

If you have vein disease, you will, unfortunately, always have vein disease. With that in mind, why not partner with a clinic that specializes specifically in vein care? Genesis Laser & Vein focuses on making sure you have the best quality of life possible by providing the most  up-to-date treatments available. We love what we do and always keep ourselves informed about recent advances in the field to help you manage this chronic disease. Helping patients have happy, healthy legs is our one and only goal.

My health care philosophy is to prevent whatever you can, and when you must treat, make sure you do it to the highest standards and the latest proven treatment options available. Vein disease is genetic, but if you adopt a proactive approach, you can minimize its impact on your life. The key to this happening is a staff who can give you the best possible education on how to manage this chronic disease. I do what I do because there is great satisfaction in helping our patients have the best quality of life possible despite this disease.

 My vision for the future is to continue providing vein care in this community for as long as I am blessed to be able to. I hope to provide a pleasant place for my employees to work and a clinic my patients enjoy visiting. I hope my patients will have a better quality of life because of the care they receive from us. I also strive to make sure that they not only get great care, but enjoy the process. Our clinic is a friendly place to visit and we enjoy becoming part of your healthcare family.

Dr. Chandra Prasad is a board-certified surgeon who trained at Washington University and completed his surgical residency at St. Louis University. 

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