My family and I love Downtown Jefferson City, and with working right on High Street, I get to enjoy my favorite places every day. If I were to take a friend from out of town on a tour de Downtown JCMO, I would take them to these key locations:

Downtown on the corner of Madison and High Street

Coffee at Coffee Zone – and scones!

Morning activity:

Shopping at the beautiful shops Southbank, Carrie’s Hallmark, Samuel’s Tuxedo, American Shoe, and The Snob Shop (this would include trips to the car to drop off bags).


Lunch at Sawadee Thai Cuisine – pad Thai (Heat Level 7).

Afternoon activity:

Unique Creations Candle Bar for candle making.


Yo Yums for frozen yogurt.

Evening activity:

Meet friends at BarVino for an afternoon drink before dinner.


Arris’ Pizza Palace — gyro salad for me, but the pizza is the best!


Enjoy a Downtown bar with live music! Gumbo Bottoms or Spectators are great places to go.

There is something for everyone in Downtown Jefferson City.

Crystal Tellman

Downtown Jefferson City has many amazing eateries and entertainment places to offer. In just a couple blocks, there are multiple places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as places to do crafts, shop, and enjoy the night. Without leaving High St., you can buy, shop, paint a dish, play a board game while you eat, buy a book, sew a quilt, and even rent a fancy tuxedo.

But one of my very favorite things to do Downtown is to walk. I like to just wander around looking at the beautiful buildings, the hanging flower baskets,  and the Missouri State Capitol building. I also enjoy watching the continued restoration progress along Capitol Avenue. There is something for everyone in Downtown Jefferson City.

Crystal Tellman
Crystal Tellman

Crystal Tellman has lived in Jefferson City for 21 years and grew up just outside of town in Taos. Today she and her husband, Matt, have three little girls. For 14 years Crystal has been an employee of Hawthorn Bank as a Commercial Lender in Downtown.