Doris Guillory, LMT, CSH
The Face of Holistic Wellness

My journey into the healing arts began over 18 years ago. I had always envisioned myself as a sculptress, needing to work clay with my hands. So, in 2004 I enrolled in an essential oils class to learn their uses and effects on the body. I then decided I needed to take it further and enrolled in a massage therapy institute in Columbia. I would learn not to sculpt clay, but the mind, body, and spirit. I started my massage therapy and healing practice shortly after graduation.

Through the years, I have expanded my practice with education in several different varieties of massage techniques. This includes table Thai massage, a technique incorporating stretching into the massage; facial massage, a technique in which I learned to focus on the potent points of the face, feet, and hands; and facial massages, which incorporate scrubs, masks, and moisturizing creams for relaxation. During treatments, I also integrate tuning forks and Himalayan bowls on the different acupuncture points of the body. 

In addition to massage, I offer a sound bath and meditative journey for private groups of two to 10 people. With sound baths, you can unwind from a rough day by lying down on the mats covered with a blanket and legs propped upon a bolster as you rest on an aromatherapy infused eye pillow and succumb to the sounds and vibrations of the ancient instruments. This works to relax and release all the anxiety and tension one tends to build day to day. I also feature many public sound journeys one to two times a month. These classes are posted on both my Facebook page and my website, 

Catalpa is one of the first in the area to offer a near infra-red sauna. The experience can be used alone or added to a massage therapy session. Sitting in the sauna for 20-60 minutes has been shown to aid in pain relief, enhanced mental performance, detoxification, and stress reduction.

My vision for Catalpa Wellness is to help people in the community heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. When walking into Catalpa Wellness, you will enter a safe and sacred space for inner peace, joy, and relaxation.

Doris Guillory has over 18 years of experience in massage therapy. She is certified in sound healing, manual lymph drainage, table Thai massage, and Swedish Thai massage.

Catalpa Wellness: 1802 W. Main St., JCMO
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