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How did you get into this industry?
I started in April 2010. I was working part-time helping my husband, Tony, in his insurance agency. Not sure why, but I always had an interest in real estate. Prior to that, I was blessed to stay at home and raise our four sons.

What sets you apart?
I take pride in communicating quickly with my clients, other realtors, lenders, title companies, etc. to facilitate the process. I’m here to assist clients with the sale and/or buying process of their property. But, one thing I will not do is pressure them with a decision they aren’t completely comfortable with.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
From first-time home buyers to those needing more space for their growing family or needing to move closer to family, being a part of such an important decision is the best thing about my job.

What quote or motto do you/your company live by?
Your dream, my goal!

Any awards or notables that we should know about?
I am currently serving on the Jefferson City Area Board of Directors, chairman of the Community Outreach & Diversity Awareness Committee, and program director for our local Women’s Council of Realtors. I have also served as past secretary of the JC Area Board of Directors and have served on a variety of board committees.

How is community involvement important to your business?
The more involved I am with my local community and civic organizations, the more I will be aware of topics that can benefit my clients — especially clients new to the area.

When someone is looking to hire a real or what should they look for?
For this industry, I believe important qualities are being ethical, self-motivated, and having awareness and interest in our community. Also, it sometimes helps to just have a good listening ear!

What are you most thankful for in your line of work?
Being my own boss is hard to beat! But also, the people I work with, the many others associated with our industry, and of course, my clients are wonderful! We all must work together for our clients’ best interests.

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3218 W. Edgewood Dr., Ste. 1000, JCMO