Welcome to a new chapter for CITY Magazine!

We are extremely excited to enter 2023 with a new partner in print— Modern Litho. Jefferson City Magazine is officially 100% locally owned, operated, and printed in JCMO. Ever since we acquired the magazine in 2019, we have wanted to strike an agreement to print here, and now we finally have. Like many industries, we have experienced regular increases in the cost of doing business. The paper industry has shown no exceptions. But, regardless of what new challenges we are all facing, we are continuing to adapt and re-envision what our business model looks like for the future. And, we are more grateful than ever for the continued support we receive from our advertising partners. Did you know that Hawthorn Bank has been on Jefferson City Magazine’s back cover for 20 years? Partners like them, JCMG, Capital Region Medical Group, SSM Health, Central Bank, and so many others that you’ll see within these pages are the reason we’re still here.

In other announcements, we’re excited to be bringing you Jefferson City Productions. In the same way we design professional print ads, we’ll be working with our advertising partners to take their messaging even further through high-quality video. We are excited to be expanding our services and to see where this new arm of our business takes us.

Speaking of expanding, every issue this year will feature a hidden balloon. Tucked away in the pages, creatively nestled like it was always there and meant to be, you can find one in every issue. We’ve done this for the past three years, actually. In 2022, it was a bell, and in 2021 it was a lemon. It’s just for fun. Good luck with your hunt!

Cheers to your health, wellness, and growth in whichever industry you call home in the new year. We at CITY Magazine are thrilled to kick this one off with a bang! Join us for our launch party with Modern Litho on January 9. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details.

Enjoy “The Industry Issue,”

Missy Creed McFerron, Publisher