Hy-Vee introduces fresh, homemade gourmet doughnuts.

We all love to indulge — whether it’s savory, sweet, or spicy, everyone deserves a treat now and again. For those doughnut lovers out there (let’s face it, most of us fit that description), Hy-Vee re-introduced their newest indulgent bakery item: gourmet doughnuts.

Made fresh from scratch daily, these confections include s’mores cake doughnuts, bananas foster long johns, Oreo fluff bismarks, and much more. “We used to fry doughnuts years ago,” says Rod Dolph, Jefferson City Hy-Vee store director. “About 11 or 12 years ago, they decided to go to a frozen product to save labor. In my opinion, the quality just wasn’t there. I’ve been harping forever to get back to frying because you just can’t beat it. Now, with competition like Hurts Donut Company down in Springfield, I wanted to be able to compete with them. Corporate was gracious enough to let us go back to frying in-house, and it’s been amazing.”

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