Nathalie Tungesvik, DDS, and Mollie Lindquist, DDS
994 Diamond Ridge, Ste. 200

Dedicated, Energetic, Generous and Caring, Proficient, Giving

Diamond Ridge Dentistry is a company of strong, professional women who take pride in developing long-term relationships with their patients. Nathalie Tungesvik, DDS, purchased the practice in 1991 and has cared for the dental needs of Jefferson City area families for nearly three decades.

“We are all dedicated to providing our patients with state of the art dental care that will give them a smile that will last a lifetime,” Dr. Nathalie says.

Patient care is the core of the business, says Mollie Lindquist, DDS. “Patient care is at the center of everything we do here. When the patient comes first and we stay focused on providing comprehensive, high-quality care using the newest technology, we are successful.”

One of the team’s areas of expertise is Invisalign, the clear, undetectable mouthpiece that helps with tooth alignment. The doctors have treated more than 500 patients since 2004. Invisalign can help with headaches, gum disease, and loose teeth.

Her continuing education also mirrors her business philosophy. “Always look for ways to improve your systems,” Dr. Nathalie says. “Invest in continuing education for the entire team. Look for new equipment and technology that will enhance the patient’s experience.”

The team’s mentality is critical to their success, says Mollie. “I am amazed each day by the level of patient care they provide, but also by how they take care of each other and complement each other’s strengths.”