Three keys to staying on track.

by Tracie Matthews-Ferrier, Head Exercise Coordinator, The Linc

So, it’s the new year and you’ve decided to get back on track and lose some weight. You commit to work out at the gym every day. You promise to eat salads and stay away from junk food. You’re serious about losing weight right now. Then, by the beginning of February, you find yourself resting rather than moving and eating more donuts than salads. You’ve tossed the gung-ho mentality you started with out the window.

How would you like for 2019 to be different? How can you make it different? It’s time to find balance in your everyday living — let’s start with how to get off the roller coaster.


Whatever your whys are, it’s very important that you know them, write them down, and stay focused on them. That way, when you don’t feel like exercising or making healthier food choices, you can remind yourself of those whys and they will keep you going!

It is time to get it right. Let’s focus first on why you want to lose weight and get back into shape. Make a list of why you need to make changes to your lifestyle. Is it to feel better in your clothes? Is it to lower your blood pressure? Is it to move better?


Don’t make too many changes too quick. Make one positive change with exercise at a time. If you’re not doing any exercise, then start with 20 to 30 minutes, two to three days a week. Once you’ve developed that habit, build from it.

You can do the same thing with your eating habits. If you’re not eating breakfast right now, incorporate eating something healthy in the morning. Then, the following week, work on developing another healthy habit.

Plan Ahead

Planning is the key to success. Do you plan your schedule out for the week? We all have a calendar where we write down appointments and meetings; I’m suggesting that you also write in your workout times. You’re more likely to stick with something if you write it down.

Now do the same thing with your food. Plan out your menu for the week. Prep some food so that when you open the refrigerator, you have good choices.

As you enter 2019, change your mindset by staying positive about your health. Keep the balance and learn to be consistent instead of starting and then stopping. Plan ahead to keep yourself on the right track. With these three tools, you’ll finish the new year stronger and healthier.