Streamline your child’s party for optimal fun and enjoyment to be shared by all.


Do you often find yourself stressed and overwhelmed with your child’s upcoming party? Some people can make it all look so easy. As an event

planner, I too admit to feeling a bit over my head a time or two. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way that will help you with planning your child’s next party like a pro:

• Celebrate and keep it fun. Party theme ideas are right under your nose. Anything of interest to your kiddo is a possibility. Invitations are as simple as a click of a mouse. Websites, such as, are an easy way to invite guests. This method will also let other guests know who is coming and can help with carpooling opportunities.


• Play and keep guests moving. Use popular games that are familiar to your audience. This will help get kids interested and keep them excited. If weather permits, take them on an outside scavenger hunt, which is a great way to hold interest. Balloons are a sure thing too. Blow them up, and put them in the center of the room for festive appeal. Turn up the music, let the dancing begin, and the kids will have a blast.

• Eat but keep it simple. Plan the party in between mealtimes. Cake, cookies, cupcakes or just simple snacks will be enough to satisfy. A cooler full of small water and juice bottles work great. Keep in mind food preferences of your guests, and remember to accommodate food allergies whenever possible.


The advantage of keeping your child’s celebration simple yet fun is that you and your child will have a better chance of actually enjoying the event. Low stress for the giver means more fun for everyone. Plan smart and simple and you too will have a great time!

Janice Houser is director of the Party and Wedding Center at US Rents It located at 1513 Industrial Dr. For more information call 573-635-4529.